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Phoenix Public Library has a number of policies in place to provide the community with the best service possible.

Freedom to Read

The freedom to read is essential to our democracy.


Freedom to View

The freedom to view, along with the freedom to speak, to hear, and to read, is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. In a free society, there is no place for censorship of any medium of expression.


Declaración sobre la libertad para leer

La libertad de lectura es fundamental para nuestra democracia.


Declaración sobre la libertad para ver

La libertad de ver, junto con la libertad de hablar, oír y leer está protegida por la primera enmienda de la constitución de Estados Unidos. En una sociedad libre, no hay lugar para la censura de ningún medio de expresión.


Maintaining a Safe and Appropriate Library Environment

Phoenix Public Library strives to provide a library environment in which all customers can have a positive and safe experience. Customers should be able to enjoy library facilities and activities free from disruptive behavior, harassment, intimidation, and threats to safety and well-being. All customers are expected to behave in a manner consistent with this policy. 


Phoenix Public Library safeguards personally identifiable information. Such information is only disclosed when required by law or for collection of outstanding fees. Phoenix Public Library collects and uses customers’ personal information to operate Library websites and deliver requested services. The following guidelines provide information about the types of information collected, how the information is used and when it is disclosed. 

Customer Use Agreement - Public Computers and Internet

Customer agreement to use Phoenix Public Library computers in a responsible manner and to follow all rules concerning limited computer time. 

Customer Use Agreement - WiFi

Customer agreement to use Phoenix Public Library's WiFi in a responsible manner. 


Library Card

Phoenix Public Library Cards are available to Maricopa County residents at no cost. Phoenix Public Library cardholders can use their library card to access a number of resources and services. Learn more.

Materials Selection and De-Selection

The Library provides a wide range of materials to serve the community's need for information, enlightenment, enrichment, education and entertainment. All materials in the library collection are subject to review by staff and will be de-selected if they are no longer required to fulfill the needs of the community.

Meeting Room Rental and Use Policy

The primary purpose of the meeting rooms in the Phoenix Public Library system is to provide facilities for Library programs and services. The secondary purpose of the meeting rooms is to accommodate a wide variety of community uses that will bring people into Library buildings and encourage them to think of the library as a community information center. 

Art Donations

Phoenix Public Library’s general practice is that the Library is not in a practical position to independently accept art donations for the purpose of public display. All proposals for donations of art to the Library shall be referred to the City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture. 

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