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@Central Gallery

Located on the first floor of Burton Barr Central Library, @Central Gallery presents fine art exhibitions featuring the work of Arizona artists not currently represented by a gallery. It is open to the public during normal library hours and First Fridays. For more information, email

​Current Exhibit Image of artwork by Kenosha Drucker

"Her Little Machines" Artwork by Kenosha Drucker
September 2 - October 14

A collection of three miniseries by Kenosha Drucker—The Aftermath, The Chimeras, and The Little Machinesthis exhibit offers a glimpse into a world of the artist's own creation. "Perhaps it’s a parallel universe, "Her Little Machine 3" by Kenosha Druckera dreamscape, an imagining of outer space or the microscopic, or a snapshot of our own world in the distant past or future" says Drucker. "Through the lens of this other place I can explore and escape my own reality."

A First Friday reception with the artist will be held from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on September. 2. Live music will be performed by Mariah Brown, Max Greenwald and Nicholas Villa. The reception is supported by the Friends of the Phoenix Public Library.

​Recent Exhibits​

"City Light" Paintings by Allen Garns 
July 22 - August 26

The genre of Science Fiction fuels, stimulates, and influences the imaginative paintings and sculptures by artists Dwayne Hall and Grant Delph.


"FACTS OF LIFE Vol. 1" -- Gloria Langer
June 10 - July 16

Langer describes this series of paintings as a reflection on a new reality of fast paced images and information. 



Call for Artists

@Central Gallery - 2017

Burton Barr Central Library is currently seeking proposals for exhibition in its @Central Gallery in 2017. The deadline to submit a proposal is Sunday, Sept. 25. Click here for more information.