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​Government Resources

Library staff can help you find information about government programs and services, jobs, education, health, laws and tax information.  We can also help you locate specific government websites with applications and forms you may need.
We cannot help you fill out these applications and forms or determine which forms you need.

Federal Depository Library

​Phoenix Public Library is a congressionally designated depository for U.S. Government documents.  Public access to the government documents collection is guaranteed by public law (Title 44 United States Code).

As a Federal Depository Library, we are committed to making government materials accessible in a variety of formats.  We select approximately 25% of federal documents to include in our collection, with a focus on online resources. 

We collect materials on health, education, labor, business and trade, statutes and regulations, employment and careers, parks and recreation, statistical data, military histories, federal government operations, government hearings, and other subjects addressed by the federal government.

Got questions? 

We've got documents - in print and online.  Below are some topics for which government documents (in print and online) may have the answers.

Government Benefits

From health to housing, veterans benefits to Social Security, federal and local governments provide assistance to citizens through a variety of programs.  Learn which Government Benefits might be available to you.

Identity Theft

Learn more about this national problem, what you can do to protect your identity and what steps to take if your identity is stolen.  Discover our information resources about Identity Theft.

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