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Accessibility Resources

Image of Braille MaterialCholla Library and Harmon Library offer a variety of accessible services and resources. 
Accessible parking spaces are available in the parking lot north of the building.  
The library is served by Valley Metro light rail and buses.​

Services Available

  • Assistive Technology Computer Workstations (Second Floor)
  • Large Type Books by Mail
  • Talking Books - Phoenix Public Library in agreement with the Arizona State Braille and Talking Book Library provides information, applications and replacement equipment for talking books.
  • Public TTY with pay phone located on the east side of the second floor.
  • Sorenson Videophone (located in the Magazine and Newspaper Department on the second floor)


  • Large Type books and periodicals
  • Books in Braille
  • DVS (Descriptive Video Service) videos - closed caption DVDs are shelved with the general DVD collection.

For more information call 602-262-4636.  TTY 602-254-8205.

Assistive Technology Center

Burton Barr Central Library has four dedicated assistive computer workstations located on the second floor for customers with disabilities.

Customers may use the assistive computer stations on a first come, first served basis by presenting their library card at the Second Floor computer assistance desk during all open hours. Customers may have one two-hour session each day.

To ensure that the assistive computers remain available for customers who are unable to use the standard public computers, customers must specify and be using at least one of the following features at all times.

Assistive Technology Programs and Adaptive Equipment available:

  • ZoomText screen magnifier
  • JAWS screen reading software
  • Kurzweil text to speech software/scanners
  • Duxbury Braille translation software
  • Juliet Braille embosser
  • Adjustable computer furniture
  • Trackball mouse

Optical magnifiers and print enlarging closed circuit televisions are also available.

A Sorenson videophone for sign language calls is located on the Second Floor in the Magazine and Newspaper Department, available on a first come, first served basis.


Large Type Books by Mail

As of July 1, 2014, the Phoenix Public Library will transition our Books by Mail customers to the Maricopa County Library District (MCLD) Books by Mail service. Please call MCLD at (602) 652-3000 to sign up for the Books by Mail service for Maricopa County residents.

The Accessibility Center at Burton Barr Central Library offers a Books by Mail service for persons who have difficulty reading regular print and cannot come to the library. Large Type books are usually printed in 16 point font. General fiction, non-fiction, bestsellers, mysteries, romances, westerns and paperbacks are included in this collection.

To qualify for this service, a person must:

  • Have difficulty reading books printed in standard size type.
  • Be homebound and not able to come to the Library.
  • Be a resident of Maricopa County. 

How the Large Type Books by Mail Program Works

The enrollment form asks readers the number and type of books they would like to read during the six-week checkout period. The packet also includes a current booklist. Readers may select specific titles and authors OR library staff can select books based on the reader's interests. Books are mailed to the reader's home in reusable mailing bags containing two to five books, depending on their size. Books are returned to the library, postage free, as Free Matter for the Blind.
The bag's shipping label is reversible, with the reader's address on one side and the library's address on the other side. When the reader is ready to return the books, he/she:

  1. places the books in the bag
  2. reverses the label and
  3. gives the bag to their letter-carrier or drop the bag in a mailbox.

To enroll in the Books by Mail program, you may call 602-262-4636. TTY users can call directly at 602-254-8205.

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