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Program Proposals

The Phoenix Public Library's mission is focused on what we can do for and with people in our communities. We are a cornerstone that supports early literacy, education, entrepreneurship, empowerment, and engagement. 

Library programs are free and open to the public and are intended to promote and enhance the collections, services and mission of the Phoenix Public Library. Library programs are developed and presented for all ages and audiences and include such activities as book discussions, author talks, lectures, film screenings, workshops, poetry readings, and musical performances. Priority for library programming is given to programs that support one or more areas of focus in our strategic plan.

Program proposals from the public, which complement the library's collections, services, and goals are selected by the Adult Programming Committee according to the needs and interests of the community; the suitability of each library's physical space; the program's contribution to the library's overall schedule of events; and the availability of Library staff to assist with the presentation of the program at the library venue. Programs must comply with the library meeting room policies, which mandate the program be open to the public, free of charge and prohibit commercial advertising or direct solicitation.

Individuals and organizations interested in partnering with the library on adult programs are invited to submit a proposal according to the guidelines set forth below.


Scheduling timeline

Planning and publicity for library programs is done 2–4 months prior to each program cycle. If you would like to present a program during a specific time frame, please submit your proposal by the deadline below.  For example, if you would like to present a program in the month of November, your proposal must be submitted by September 1st.  This allows staff time to schedule space and plan promotional materials.

Program proposals are continuous, meaning there is no time limit for consideration. Your proposal will always be active, unless you designate a specific time frame in your proposal. 

If we decide to proceed with your proposal, we will be in touch at least 2 months in advance.

Program CycleProposal Deadline

Jan - Feb - March

November 1
April - May - June - JulyFebruary 1
August - Sept - OctoberMay 1
September - OctoberJuly 1
November - DecSeptember 1

Program publicity

Programs may appear on the library's website, news releases and branch flyers, and in the library's newsletter, e-mail alert and media advisory.

Payment policy

Phoenix Public Library's terms of payment are net 15 days from the completion date of the program. Your check will be mailed to you within two weeks after the completion of your program, upon receipt of your signed program agreement(s), W-9 form and valid tax ID number.

Program content

The library expects that performers and musicians will obtain any necessary copyright permission and/or license for any non-original works used for any library program. This includes works performed live and/or use of recorded music in library programs.


Communicating with library staff contacts

A copy of your program agreement is sent to your library staff contact at the beginning of each programming cycle. The library staff contact will call you a few days before the program to confirm that you are coming, that you know how to get to the location, what time you are expected to arrive, who you should ask for, that you're aware of any logistical details specific to your location and this program, etc. If you need to talk to your library staff contact, refer to your program agreement. The name and telephone number are listed.

Are you an author interested in presenting on your materials?  If so, see info on Author Visits.


Are you an artist that is interested in exhibiting your work at a library location?  If so, see info on Exhibitions.



I have read the above guidelines and am ready to submit a proposal.

Submit program proposals here.


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