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​Arizona 101Monochrome orange illustration of a desert landscape

Learn about the Grand Canyon State with one of these insightful programs.

Sponsored by the Friends of the Phoenix Public Library.

Who Are the Sobaipuri O'odham?: The Sobaipuri Legacy at the San Xavier/Wa:k Community

​Saturday, November 10
1:30 to 3 p.m.
Burton Barr Central Library

Much has been learned about the Sobaipuri-O'odham over the last couple of decades and their actual history differs substantially in many ways from commonly held notions. The archaeological and ethnohistoric research of the presenters provides new perspectives on where and how they lived, how long they occupied the valleys of southern Arizona, their relationship to the Hohokam, and so on. Special reference will be made to the Sobaipuri of San Xavier del Bac or Wa:k where descendant populations reside. Archaeologist Dr. Deni Seymour is joined by her associates Elder Tony Burrell and Cultural Specialist David Tenario of Wa:k in presenting their video entitled “Who Are the Sobaipuri O’odham?” followed by interactive lectures and discussions. Through these means they strive to promote understanding of the human experience through the eyes of the Wa:k O’odham and their ancestors. Using discussions and interviews with Wa:k O’odham community members, the video and subsequent discussions highlight the issues of how public policy, politics, and economic interest have influenced our understanding of the Wa:k O’odham and how their heritage has been shaped and in some cases erased. 

The Wallace and Ladmo Show

Saturday, December 1
2 to 3 p.m.
Mesquite Library​

Join historian Steve Hoza in a fun-filled talk and video presentation on The Wallace and Ladmo Show, the local valley television “kid’s show” that ran for more than 35 years! There will be prizes galore, including GIANT Ladmo Bags! So if you missed out as a kid, here’s your chance. Steve is the creator of the official Wallace and Ladmo website. Even if you’ve never heard of Boffo the Clown, Gerald, Marshall Good, or Captain Super, stop on by and see what you missed growing up in the Valley.

​Design Like a MoPho: Motifs of Desert Modernism

Saturday, December 8
1:30 to 3 p.m.
Burton Barr Central Library

Discover how Phoenix’s midcentury modern design heritage fits into a larger scheme in a lavishly illustrated journey through the Modern Phoenix image archive. Alison King, local midcentury design historian, will examine how architecture, graphic design, illustration and photography intersected in the 50s and 60s to create a distinctly Desert Modern aesthetic. Whether you’re just getting to know Arizona’s look or are a longtime native, you’ll likely find something delightful that resonates in your retro heart. Join Alison in the Arizona Room after the presentation, for a tour of her favorite resources.

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