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​Seed Library @ Phoenix Public Library                                

Ordinarily the Seed Library offers a wide variety of fruit, vegetable and perennial seeds available for check out to Phoenix Public Library customers. While this service is not available during our temporary closure, we still offer a wealth of tips and information for beginner and avid gardeners alike through eBooks, eMagazines, streaming video and online classes! Below you'll find the top picks selected by Phoenix Public Library staff, many of whom happen to have a green thumb.


Compost city : practical composting know-how for small-space livingCompost City

by ​Rebecca Louie

You may think you need a big yard to compost. Think again. Compost City teaches you how to easily choose and care for a compost system that fits perfectly into your (tiny) space, (busy) schedule, and (multifaceted) lifestyle.

Farm CityFarm City

by Novella Carpenter 

Urban and rural collide in this wry, inspiring memoir of a woman who turned a vacant lot in downtown Oakland into a thriving farm.

Little house in the suburbs backyard farming and home skills for self-sufficient livingLittle House in the Suburbs

by Deanna Caswell 
Self-Sufficiency in the Suburbs! Gardens, goats and chickens in the suburbs? Absolutely! The easy-to-follow advice in this book will show you everything you need to know to enjoy an abundant, independent life on food and products grown in your own back yard.

​​​​Online Classes

​Introduction to Gardening

Have you always wanted to start a garden but just were not sure how to start? This class that will guide you step by easy step through the process of deciding what kind of garden you wish to start, where to place it, how to be certain that the soil is ready and good for growing, how to know what to plant and where to plant it. 

Access Introduction to Gardening by registering for or logging into Universal Class and searching for the course.

Vegetable Gardening

This 12-part course is designed for beginners to gardening. If you're interested in learning how to set up, design, and cultivate a vegetable garden, you will find the tips and advice in this course to be a helpful way to get started and to keep your garden growing for years to come. 

Access Vegetable Gardening by registering for or logging into Universal Class and searching for the course.

All About Herbs​

This online course covers all the basics so that you are ready to explore all of herbs' many uses. Understand the benefits of growing herbs at home and how to plan your first herb garden. 

Access All About Herbs by registering for or logging into Universal Class and searching for the course.


Organic Gardner

A​ rich source of practical, in depth gardening advice and more.

Access Organic Gardener on Pressreader.

Birds and Blooms

America's #1 backyard birding and gardening magazine with amazing photography of birds, flowers and more, as well as proven tips on how to attract the garden visitors you want. 

Access Birds and Blooms on Pressreader.

April 01, 2020 issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWSMother Earth News

Mother Earth News is the original guide to living wisely. Launched in 1970, each bimonthly issue of ​Mother Earth News features practical and money-saving information on cutting energy costs; using renewable energy; organic gardening; green home building and remodeling; fun do-it-yourself projects; and conscientious, self-sufficient lifestyles.

Access Mother Earth News on RBdigital Magazines.

​​March 01, 2020 issue of Backyard & Garden Design IdeasBackyard & Garden Design Ideas

Backyard & Garden Design Ideas is designed to provide information and inspiration for people who are embarking on major backyard and garden makeovers. As a result more space is devoted to garden design, layout, furniture, products, plants, pools, structures and maintenance than in any other publication on the market. Backyard & Garden Design Ideas covers a wide range of topics for the consumer who is doing a complete makeover. Including but not limited to Planning a Garden, Makeover Ideas, Design Advice, Water Wise Gardening, Outdoor Lighting, Pool Design, Outdoor Furniture, Garden Art, Shade Solutions and Paving Options. 

Access ​Backyard & Garden Design Ideas on RBdigital Magazines.

logoConsumer Reports Online

Looking for a new chainsaw or water hose? Get unbiased ratings and reviews for 9000+ products and services from Consumer Reports, plus trusted advice and in-depth reporting on what matters most.

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Title details for How to Grow Anything by Melinda Myers - AvailableThe Great Courses: How to Grow Anything 

Gardening is one of life's great pleasures. It offers bountiful wonders - flowers, grasses, fruits, vegetables, trees - that bring you closer to the natural world. And the best part: You can learn to create gardens and landscapes in almost any setting, from large rural backyards to tight urban spaces, and in almost any climate. 

Access The Great Courses: How to Grow Anything on Greater Phoenix Digital Library.

The Science of GardeningThe Great Courses: The Science of Gardening

When scientists examine home gardens and landscapes, one fact stands out: The leading cause of landscape failure is not disease and it's not pests - it's our own gardening practices. Create a beautiful and sustainable home garden guided by the newest information from applied plant physiology, biology, soils science, climatology, hydrology, chemistry, and ecology. 

Access The Great Courses: The Science of Gardening on Kanopy.

Growing Cities - Examining the Role of Urban Farming in AmericaGrowing Cities: Examining the Role of Urban Farming in America

From rooftop farmers to backyard beekeepers, Americans are growing food like never before. Growing Cities tells the inspiring stories of these intrepid urban farmers, innovators, and everyday city-dwellers who are challenging the way the USA grows and distributes its food. From those growing food in backyards to make ends meet, to educators teaching kids to eat healthier, viewers discover urban farmers are harvesting a whole lot more than simply good food. 

Access ​Growing Cities: Examining the Role of Urban Farming in America on Kanopy.


The Seed Library @ Phoenix Public Library is supported by the Friends of the Phoenix Public Library. Programming is provided by various community organizations and the City of Phoenix Water Department.

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