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​Frequently Asked Questions

​Library Cards

What do I need to get a Library card?

A FREE library card is available to Maricopa County residents with a valid photo ID with a current address. You may apply for a card at any Phoenix Public Library location.


Can I get a Library card online?

Phoenix Public Library eCards are available online. These cards give Phoenix and other Maricopa County residents 24/7 access to Phoenix Public Library's online services. Register for an eCard now.​​​​


I changed my eCard to a regular library card, does my account stay the same?

​You will need to merge your eCard and library card accounts to retain access to any borrowed items or holds.  To merge your accounts, ​contact Overdrive​ via email with both card numbers.  If you do not have both card numbers, contact Library Staff.​

Returning Items

I checked out items at my local Phoenix Public Library branch. Do I have to return them there? 

All checked out items can be returned to any Phoenix Public Library location.

My Account

​My email address has changed. How can I update my account with my new email address?

You can update your email address by signing in to your library card account.  Click on "My Account" and then click on "My Record." Expand the "Contact Information and Preferences" to update your email address.


I got an email saying my eBook is due. What does this mean?

Overdrive materials will display alongside physical materials in your email notifications, just as they display in your online library account.  Please note that eBooks DO NOT have to be manually returned. They will expire on their own.  Also, eBooks WILL NOT acquire late fees.   

If you would like to change your method of notification, you can do so by logging into your library account and choosing Contact Information and Preferences. Please be aware that this change will affect all materials, not just eBooks.

What is the "All Fines Forgiven" campaign and how does it affect me?

In November 2019, Phoenix Public Library will waive all existing overdue fines and discontinue the practice of applying overdue fines to items returned late. Learn more. 

Item Recommendations 

Can I recommend a specific purchase to the Library, such as a book, movie, or music title?

You may submit your recommendations by phoning our Call Center at 602-262-4636 or in person at any Phoenix Public Library location.  You may also submit your recommendation online by completing the Suggest a Purc​hase form.  Please be aware that you will be prompted to log in with your library card to submit a suggestion.  Each cardholder may suggest up to 10 titles per month.  For efficiency, p​lease include only 1 title per form.  Suggestions that do not include a valid email address for notification will not be considered. 


Genealogy Research 

How can I find an obituary?

Visit our Ancestry page on Learning and Research to learn how to look up an obituary.


Photographing at the Library

Our library facilities are open to the public. In general, visitors such as media, customers, staff, filmmakers etc. are allowed to enter library facilities and photograph or videotape customers, staff and activities. We do have parameters for these activities that we ask that you comply with: 

1.  At any of our locations, when you arrive, please check in with staff and let them know what you are doing. 

2.  Our customers and visitors can expect that they will not be photographed or filmed in such a way that the title of materials or websites they are using is visible (pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute 41 - 151.22). 

3.  Please be sure to respectfully make an announcement prior to filming/photography to allow any customers to choose to move out of the area. 

4.  If you are wanting to include any children in your shoot, please obtain parental permission to photograph or film minors and please make every attempt to use wide angles (i.e. from as far away as possible so as not to focus on individual faces as much as possible).

Jobs at the Library 

How can I apply for a job at the Library?

You may apply for a current recruitment for an open full- or part-time position at Phoenix Public Library by completing a City of Phoenix online application.

Additional information on the City's application process may be found at How to Get a Job with the City.
To get the latest news about City of Phoenix job openings, subscribe to the Weekly Job Opportunities Mailing List or call the City's Job Line at 602-534-JOBS (5627)

If you need assistance completing an application or have questions, visit the City of Phoenix Human Resources
Center at 135 N. 2nd Avenue, First Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85003 or call 602-262-6277.

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