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​Eruption Art

When science meets art. Discover how exciting it can be to make art and science with 3 everyday ingredients. Start erupting and art-making today!

​suppliesPhoto of eruption art supplies.

clear, carbonated beverage bottles
Mentos Mint candy
tempera paint
white paper (heavier weight than copy paper) 



Lay out various pieces of paper on an easily-cleanable surface (or one you do not mind getting a little stained temporarily, like a sidewalk or driveway).

For each piece of paper, place an opened and 2/3 full bottle of clear, carbonated beverage. Keep in mind that wherever your bottle is placed, that is where all the eruption activity will occur. (Experiment with placement as you repeat the activity for different art outcomes.)

Fill each bottle of soda with a tablespoon or two of tempera paint.

Are you ready?

When you are ready, place one Mentos candy in each bottle and watch the eruptions happen!

For a bigger eruption, you may experiment with adding more Mentos. For better color, you may experiment with adding more paint.

Once the reaction has calmed, remove the bottles of soda. You will then be able to further manipulate the spilled paint by moving the paper around to create a more complex design.

Try and try again for more outcomes!

Photo of bottles of soda on top of blank paper.


















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