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​Snowy Soap

Take the sink or float concept to another level with the Snowy Soap activity. At the end, you get to play with something you have never seen before! It's good, clean fun.


Bar of Dove soap
Bar of Ivory soap
Clear container of waterPhoto of bar of Dove and bar of Ivory soap on a plate.
Paper towels
Microwave-safe plate
Microwave oven



Examine both bars of soap and guess, or hypothesize, which will float in water.

How can you tell? Does one weigh more than the other?

Next, experiment with each bar of soap in the jar of water.

Which one floated and which one sunk?

You will find that the bar of Ivory soap floats.

Why is this? Is it filled with air? Is it hollow? Cut it in half to find out. No, no visible air pockets or bubbles.

Ivory soap is actually pumped full of air at a microscopic level. This makes the soap lighter and able to float in water. It also makes it do something very special when microwaved.

Place both halves of the Ivory soap onto paper towels on a microwave-safe plate. Microwave on high for 2 minutes -- but don't go anywhere! Watch the entire microwave process and you will find the soap is growing!

Once the two minutes are up, let the resulting soap foam cool for at least a minute or until it is manageable to the touch.

Take soap foam out of the microwave and place onto a clean surface or into a large container.

You will find the microwaved has transformed the bar of soap into a firm, yet fluffy, pliable matter.

Go ahead and play!

Photo of hand placing a bar of soap in a jar of water.










Photo of bar of soap cut in half on plate. 









Photo of microwaved Ivory soap in a plastic container. 

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