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​Summer Programs for Adults

Adults can get in on the summer fun, too! Attend our free events for a fun, educational time. Did we mention it's all FREE?! Browse our selections below and start to plan your summer with us.

Graphic of salad on a plateChef Larry P. Canepa presents "Build a Better Plate"

From 3 square meals a day to the Food Pyramid to "My Plate," America's dinner plates have changed over several generations. We will explore how to make every meal a foundation of good taste, nutrition and sensory appeal. Tastings included.

Graphic of groceries in and outside of a paper bagChef Larry P. Canepa presents "Foods That Shaped the World"

This presentation explores the foods that changed the world in profound and delicious social, political and economic ways. Tastings included.

Graphic of two people performing Krav MagaDerrek Hofrichter, Self Defense at Any Age with Krav Maga

Learn about the self defense system of Krav Maga. Presentation will include demonstrations of defenses to common situations. Learn how to build a framework for protecting yourself and your family.

Graphic of woman in sitting yoga poseHatha Yoga for Self-Care with Music of the Tibetan Bowl

This hatha yoga class is a chance to take time for your own self-care. Long time yogi Melanie Albert offers powerful, positive intentions for your life anchored with the music of her signature Tibetan Singing Bowl. Includes Pranayama (yogic breathing), hatha yoga asana practice (poses with steady movement), and restorative savasana with the beauty of the singing bowl. You will feel energized, refreshed and restored with this class. The class is open to all levels: new to yoga, beginners and experienced. Please bring your own yoga mat or large beach towel for your practice.

Graphic of juggling clubsJames Reid: Build a Better Brain with Juggling!

This program includes a short performance, targeted to adults or seniors, with an interesting history of and a discussion of the benefits of juggling. This is followed by a fun, low pressure juggling workshop. Studies show that juggling grows new grey and white matter in the adult brain. Juggling also improves the reading skill of tracking across the mid-line, increases focus, and has been shown to reduce anxiety. Most importantly, it really is easier than you think! Equipment is provided.

Graphic of fruit and vegetables in the shape of a heartNutrition and Cooking with Melanie Albert: Summertime Cold Tomato Soup & Homemade Hummus

Enjoy a hands-on cooking class and learn simple culinary techniques with real whole foods from Melanie Albert's cookbook, A New View of Healthy Eating. Create refreshing tomato gazpacho cold soup and a super simple organic hummus with fresh herbs. Get tips on how to shop for local, in-season veggies and enjoy your culinary creation with community.

Graphic of pencil drawing a lineRachel Bess: Learning to Draw from Observation

(Absolute Beginner through Intermediate Level)

We will learn about drawing from observation by looking at positive and negative space and by using a gridding method.

Graphic of various charcoal sketch patternsRachel Bess: Learning to Draw with Charcoal

(Absolute Beginner through Intermediate Level)

Do you want to be able to draw with charcoal and make more realistic drawings? We will discuss the differences between different types of charcoal and best ways to use them.

Graphic of two chickensRachel Bess: Keeping Backyard Chickens

Learn about the benefits of raising backyard chickens. Rachel Bess will share how to successfully raise chickens from baby chicks, how to house them and take care of them, including tips to mitigate our harsh desert climate.

Graphic of hand holding sprouting plantRachel Bess: Planting a Garden in the Valley

Come learn about what you can plant in your garden now and what you can plant in the fall. Bonus: We will also be making a pot from newspaper and planting a seed that you can take home for your garden!

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