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​Summer Programs for Kids

Keep the kids busy this summer with free programs that will entertain and educate! Browse our selections below and start to plan your summer of fun!

Magician wand with starsThe Magic of Richard Steele

Be astounded by mind reading and other feates of magic as renowned magician Richard Steele takes the stage.

Magician hat with wand and starsMaster Illusionist Eric Giliam

Eric Giliam's illusions and sleights of hand will leave you breathless.

Cartoon snakeReptile Adventures

Snakes in the library! Meet some of Rich Ihle's extraordinary reptile friends including a 15-foot boa constrictor.

Battery graphic in starScience Fun with Mark Carter

All About Electricity - Plugs, Batteries, Power! Demonstrating the capabilities of electricity is fun and safe when done correctly. Find out if the human body is an electric machine, if you can create a magnet out of electricity, and what happens when a person is struck by lightning!

Graphic palm treeMoana

Join Ariel and Moana for some under the sea fun! We will be reading our favorite stories, learning how to be a princess, and dancing with the Island Pricess!

Graphic of a circuit boardCircuit Bugs

Let’s build circuit bugs! This project gives children an opportunity to practice using technology materials, like batteries, LEDs and wire, to create their own light-up circuit bug! Pick your design and let’s explore electric circuits together!

Graphic of a rocketStraw Rocket Ships and Graphite Drawing

Get ready to talk about space and create your rocket ships using your design and a straw. You can also experiment using graphite to conduct electricity by drawing rocket ships or other pictures and wire up the design with an LED light. Using the graphite to conduct electricity, the LED will light up!

Graphic of binary codeBinary Code Keychains

Binary is a numeric system that uses only two digits – 0 and 1. Computers store data and perform operations using this system of 0s and 1s. For this activity, you will spell our initials using colored beads that represent Binary Code to create unique keychains! This is a fun and easy way to introduce children to programming and coding. 

Graphic of juggling clubsJames Reid: Juggler

Juggling and more FUN! Delighting audiences for over thirty years, James Reid presents a performance of big tricks, laughs, and fun for all ages. Including unique tricks seen nowhere else, dangerous bowling ball juggling, and more! 

​Science on Wheels

Graphic moleculesGood Vibes

Kids will be entertained as they learn some "sound" science principles. Various musical instruments and household objects will be used to demonstrate sound waves, frequency and pitch.


Really Cool Science

Take a cool break from the Arizona heat and learn the amazing things that happen to solids, liquids and gases when they are introduced to temperatures approaching -350°F.

Graphic balloon animailArizona Rick, the Balloon-Making Cowboy

The Magical Balloon-Making Cowboy charms audiences with stories, games and a little magic, all while fashioning the most incredible balloon creations you have ever seen!

Graphic of lots of wild animalsWildman Phil

Join us for an exciting live animal demonstration featuring some of the world's most notable creatures. Wildlife comedian "Wildman Phil" will highlight the unique characteristics of various wildlife, their comes, and the ways the lives of these vastly different animals are interwoven, creating a community where each has a purpose and a place.

Graphic of a sea turtleTurtle Weavings

To build a better world, we need to take care of our oceans. Join us at the library to learn about life under the sea and create your own little sea turtle weaving to take home!

Graphic of a robotWobblebot

Join us at the library to practice your STEM skills and build your own little wobbly robot! This projects gives you a chance to wire and build your own wobblebot using batteries cases and switches. It teaches children about engineering, while having fun as a family. Take home your little wobbly creations for maximum fun!

Photo of an extended robotic handRobotic Hand Building

Give robotics engineering a try by join us to build your own robotic hand. The model you will build will show you the beginnings stages of creating a real robotic hand. While this one doesn't use electricity, you'll be able to control and move the fingers!

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