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Communities are comprised of a diversity of experiences and perspectives and the voices that emerge from those experiences and perspectives. We believe that these voices make for a richer, more meaningful experience for all.

Join Phoenix Public Library in enjoying and learning from the many voices of our community through monthly themes meant to educate, entertain and inspire.

Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month, a time to reflect on and celebrate the many women that have contributed to our local, national, and worldwide history.

Learn about and be inspired by the stories of women through books, movies, and film.



Women Speak to Us

Staff share their top picks for inspiring books which express a woman's voice.

Who Run the World

Drawn from the deep and wide spectrum of women's voices shared through the written word, here is a sample of a few good books.

Books for Families

Sara's Smart Girl Picks

Sara is a scientist. Scientists are just regular people who happen to be really curious. Are you curious? Meet Sara. 

Wondrous Women

Writers. Social activists. Scientists. Baseball players. A paper bag princess. Be inspired.

​FilmsAfrican-American Rosie the Riveter


Screen Queens

Discover inspiring films with strong female leads.

Directed by Women

Five women have broken the celluloid ceiling and been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director-- Lina Wertmüller for Seven Beauties (1977), Jane Campion for The Piano (1994), Sofia Coppola for Lost in Translation (2004),  Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker (2010) and Greta Gerwig for Lady Bird (2018). Ms. Bigelow won. Check out some other films directed by women.


Women Who Rock

Vision. Passion. Power.  From groundbreaking artists who set the stage, to today's innovators -- this list celebrates the ladies who broke into the rock music "boy's club" and made it their own and the fierce voices who are following in their footsteps.

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