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Voices: Women's History Month Row of photo portraits of different women

Communities are comprised of a diversity of experiences and perspectives and the many voices that emerge from those experiences and perspectives. We believe that these voices make for a richer, more meaningful experience for all.

Join Phoenix Public Library in enjoying and learning from the many voices of our community through monthly themes meant to educate, entertain and inspire.

In March, we will celebrate and honor the voices of women throughout history and of women who are making a difference today.
See below for resources, books, films, music and books celebrating women's voices throughout history and up through the present day. Find materials for youth and adults alike.

​Read, Listen, Watch


​Women's History Month on Kanopy

Watch a collection of feature films and documentaries celebrating women. Check out the collection FREE today with your Phoenix Public Library card.

​Attend a program

​March Movie Series for Teens: Celebrating Strong Women in Film

Wednesdays from 6 to 8 p.m.
Burton Barr Central Library

March 20: The Fits

March 27: Wonder Woman

​AZ Speaks: Hellraising , Heroic and Hidden Women of the Old West

Saturday, March 30 from 2 to 3 p.m.
Mesquite Library

Although history tries to tell us ONLY men settled the Old West, that is shattered by Jana’s verbal tour through some of the amazing women who made all the difference. Any woman who came West in the 1800s had to be full of grit and spit to survive and Jana has collected the stories of dozens of women who prove it. Ever heard of Donaldina Cameron or Biddy Mason? Sharlot Hall or Pearl Hart—Arizona’s infamous stagecoach robber? Jana reveals the contributions of women like Lozen, the Apache warrior considered the “Joan of Arc” of her people, and Terrisita, the most famous Mexican woman in the nation at the turn of the century. Meeting these women, you will never think of the Old West the same again!

Jana Bommersbach is one of Arizona’s most honored and respected journalists.  She has won accolades in every facet of her career—investigative reporter, magazine columnist, television commentator and author of nationally acclaimed books. She currently writes for True West magazine, digging up the true stories behind the popular myths, with an emphasis on Arizona’s real history and women of the Old West.

This program is made possible by Arizona Humanities and the Friends of the Phoenix Public Library, Mesquite Chapter.

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