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Explore selected authors, genres, series, and more and get inspired for your next read.

Find a subject that suits you or broaden your reading horizons with one of the lists below. Happy reading!

A Course in the Classics

Feeling a little deficient in your knowledge of Western literary "classics?"  Start your personal tutorial with this selection.


A Game of Readalikes

Missing the Game of Thrones universe? Delve into these similar fantasy worlds.

All About Cocktails

It's happy hour - time to mix one up!

The American Civil War: Fact & Fiction

​Gain insight from these novels and historical works​ on the war that turned brother against brother and tore the nation apart.

Around the World in 28 Mysteries

See the world...and solve a mystery or two!  These writers transport you to Turkey, Thailand, China, Puerto Rico and all points in between.​


Whether you call it "BBQ," "barbeque" or "barbecue," it's all about grilling.  Try a little Tex-Mex or Kansas City dry rub.  Maybe yakitori is more your speed.  In any case, check out one of these books and get out the grill!​

The Beats

Writers from the Beat Generation explored the counterculture of the post-World War II time period in America. Common themes in their literature included the rejection of a conformist culture and materialism and the exploration of the body and mind.

Black History Month

Much like Black History Month, celebrated each February since 1976, the selection below celebrates the central role of African Americans in U.S. history and seek to reflect on and honor the African-American experience.


Chill DIY

Think about doing it yourself! Find self-satisfaction in DIY projects that are a little out of the ordinary and completely do-able indoors. We did not forget the kids. Be cool, be calm and chill!

Day Trips

Planning a day trip? If it wasn't on your agenda before, it will be now. Take a look at exciting mini travel ideas in Arizona. Venture out via car, bike or on foot for a fabulous experience in any direction you choose.


DIY Gourmet

Learn how to cook your favorite gourmet foods from the experts. Master these recipes from famous worldwide chefs and never leave your kitchen again.   


Feeling a little edgy lately? These authors experiment with interesting subjects and writing styles. Try something a little darker, weirder or boundary pushing for a change!

Emerald Isle

Ireland is known for its rich literary tradition, having produced iconic writers such as James Joyce, Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw to name a few. The talent continues with present day Irish authors. Meet contemporary masters from the Emerald Isle that you need to know.

Fictional Food

Ever read a book that leaves you craving something delicious mentioned in its pages? Interested in books where one of the main characters is food? If so, take a bite out of these titles here.

Funny Lady

Known for their quick wit, these gals took to the printed page to tell tales of the gut-busting variety.

Get Your Comic On!

We have comics galore! Check out a sampling of amazing superheroes and favorite characters you can find on our shelves.

Good Eats

Craving something homemade? Gone are the days of calling up mom or thumbing through a box of yellowed recipe cards for a recipe you know works. Now there are cookbooks, cooking magazines, cooking websites and cooking apps for every type of food imaginable for every diet imaginable on any budget imaginable. We've waded through the masses of cookbooks to bring you the very best with a special focus on comfort foods from around the world. Enjoy some good eats on your own terms; bon appetit!


The Great American Novel

The Great American Novel is one that has effectively captured the language and experience of American culture of a specific time as it is understood at the time. The titles below have all been identified as examples of this type of work.

Hardboiled - Detective Fiction

Tough, unsentimental writing, gritty realism, fast-paced slang and a steely antihero are what set apart the harboiled detective novel.  Below you'll find selections by pioneers of the genre as well as more modern takes on the style.


Kooky Families

You can't pick them, but they're your family. Best get used to the weirdness.


Latino Lit

Whether it's magical realism or realism realism, love in the time of butterflies or cholera, this list of important books by Latino writers are must-reads. Fiction, memoir, history, poetry all blend for a rich interweaving of a people made up of many people with many stories to tell. 

Lives of the Literati

Peer into the intimate worlds of writers you love.

Native Tongues

The population of American Indians and Alaska Natives totaled 5.2 million in 2012.  There are 566 federally recognized Indian tribes and 325 federally recognized reservations, where 22% of American Indians and Alaska Natives reside.  Discover more about the lives of Native peoples - from their own words.

Not Your Grandma's Fairy Tales

We know them well. Now take them, twist them, and read into the folklore like never before. Some of these stories will find you in familiar places while others will simply have an air of the mythological. Make a wish, take a bite, go down the rabbit hole.


Our Favorite Books

We asked The Question and Phoenix Public Library staff answered. Here are some of our favorite books of all time.


When you haven't outgrown your love of dinosaurs, indulge your fascination with these paleontology and archaeology books.

Plant Food

Learn the delicious virtues of vegetarian and vegan eating by browsing one or more of the cookbooks on this booklist for herbivores (and wannabe herbivores).

Play Ball!

The modern origins of America's favorite pastime can be traced to mid-19th century New York City where baseball fever hit so strongly that organized leagues began to be formed around the craze. The first professional leagues formed in the 1870s and the rest was history.

Read up on baseball's story from its beginnings to its modern state. Learn about controversies and triumphs and just maybe, learn how to finally keep score.

Read a banned book!

Banned Book Week is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read and the importance of the First Amendment. Held during the last week of September, Banned Book Week highlights the benefits of free and open access to information while drawing attention to the harms of censorship by spotlighting actual or attempted bannings of books across the United States. Celebrate your freedom to read by reading a banned or challenged book.

Rock Star Memoirs

Get a look behind the music with these recent rock autobiographies.  


As the world's most famous investigating detective, Sherlock Holmes has inspired numerous writers.  Sample Doyle's work and explore our selection of Sherlockians.


Smart Girls

Girls on fire. Fictional heroines. Powerhouses who have taken their place in history. Women who show the way to those that follow. Read up, smart girls (and boys).

Urban Grown

Arizona's lower desert has two planting seasons, fall and spring. Take advantage of the perfect conditions and consider growing a few crops of your own. Here’s everything you need for a successful and hearty harvest in the Valley. Happy growing!


U.S. History

The history of the United States of American is deep and varied. Here are just some of the books that tell part of the history of this country.

Armchair TravelImage of colorful stack of books.

You don't have to go far to travel the world.

Armchair to Africa
Armchair to Brazil
Armchair to Cuba
Armchair to India
Armchair to Ireland
Armchair to Italy
Armchair to London
Armchair to New Orleans
Armchair to San Francisco
Armchair to Tokyo

Award Winners

Browse lists of recommended and recognized book titles from across all genres and age groups with our Award Winner Books.



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