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​Graded Lists: 1st Grade

Every child progresses at his or her own rate when learning to read. This list includes picture books meant for grown ups to read aloud, as well as a few "beginning readers." When picking books for your child to read, keep in mind the "five finger" test – have your child read a page aloud, if he misses more than five words on a page, the book may be too challenging. Keep it fun, don't let your child get frustrated.

Dinosaurs before dark          
In Dinosaurs Before Dark, the first book in the popular Magic Tree House series, Jack and his sister, Annie, travel back to the time of dinosaurs. They have some exciting adventures and learn a lot along the way. All of the titles in this series are entertaining and serve to pique the reader's interest in a new subject in history or science.
Knights and castles          
All of the Magic Tree House titles have an accompanying nonfiction research guide. Knights and Castles will teach fans of The Knight at Dawn (Magic Tree House no. 2) more information about life in a medieval castle.
Henry and Mudge and the starry night : the seventeenth book of their adventures          
Henry and his very big dog, Mudge, go on a fun camping trip in the woods with Mom and Dad.  All the titles in the Henry and Mudge series are gentle, cozy reads.
Nate the Great and the mushy valentine          
Nate the Great is on another funny case. The kid detective can't stand anything mushy. So when his dog gets a big, red valentine, Nate must solve the mystery to make sure he puts an end to the mushy stuff.
Ten black dots          
Math is extra fun with the ten black dots, simple text, and bold, graphic illustrations in this book. Practice counting the dots on each page and then see what you can make with your own ten black dots.
Freight train          
Freight Train is a nonfiction picture book with bold illustrations and simple sentences. A grownup might need to help first grade train lovers with just a few of the words.
Biscuit loves the library          
Biscuit is a cute, little puppy on a trip to the library.  This I-Can-Read book is perfect for parents to read along with an emergent reader.
Frog & Toad together          
There are five stories in this book and that's great news because Frog and Toad are always hilarious.  Perfect for solid first grade readers.
The tiny seed          
Beautiful illustrations help tell the true story about the life cycle of plants. This classic picture book has been adapted into a Ready-to-Read format for beginning readers.
My five senses          
by Aliki.
We use our five senses every day and this easy-to-read picture book explores each one with everyday objects and cheerful illustrations.