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​Graded Lists: 4th Grade

By 4th grade, children are reading to learn about the world. They can handle longer, more complex chapter books.

The 8th continent          
This is a great book if you like the idea of saving the environment in a very creative and ingenious way.  Rick and Evie have to save their father from being put into prison, and to do that, they need to find the second half of his formula to turn the giant garbage pile in the middle of the ocean into the 8th continent where they will be beyond the reach of the nefarious governing organization known as Winterpole.
Pip Bartlett's Guide to magical creatures       
In a world where magical creatures are real is it really so unusual to find a girl who can speak to them and understand what they're saying?  Well Pip can, and it gets her into a lot of trouble, but can her gift help save the Cloverton community from being overrun with Fuzzles who catch fire easily and multiply rapidly?
Frank Einstein and the antimatter motor          
Frank is not your ordinary boy genius, he lives to invent new and wondrous things like a self-thinking robot, and a motor that runs on antimatter, but there's a villainous rival he must defeat.  The robots make a humorous pair and the villain is truly evil.
Secret identity          
Nolan Byrd is always getting picked on by the school bully.  He decides to take matters into his own hands, and turns himself into a superhero.
Trumpet of the swan          
A bond forms between Louis (pronounce Loo-ee) and a trumpeter swan who was born without a voice, so Louis helps him find a way to communicate using an actual trumpet.    
Big Nate : in a class by himself          
This is the first book in a series available in both fiction and graphic novel form about a boy named Nate, who's antics in middle school get him into trouble, but you can't help but like him anyway.
Ramona the pest          
"I'm the Baddest Witch in the World!" Actually Ramona isn't a witch at all, but the younger sister in a family of four.  She has quite the imagination, and though sometimes she gets into trouble, she also finds the way out again.  This is a timeless classic, a must read for boys and girls of any age, and also makes a great read-aloud book.
This is another timeless classic that both boys and girls will enjoy about Peter who's two-year old brother, Fudge, makes his life increasingly difficult.  The amusing antics keep you wanting more so it's a good thing there's a sequel: Superfudge.
Don't bump the glump! : and other fantasies          
Silverstein's poems are fun, funny, and in this case all about strange and fantastical creatures.  A book of poems everyone can enjoy.
Can you survive the desert? : an interactive survival adventure          
This book talks about the struggle to survive not just in the Sonoran Desert, but the Sahara and Gobi deserts as well.  Choose your way to survival.
Little author in the big woods : a biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder          
This is a biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the Little House on the Prairie books.  In this book you get a peek at Laura's real life growing up as a pioneer.
The kids' guide to lost cities          
This book gives glimpses into lost cities including Troy, Pompeii, Machu Picchu, and many others you may not have even heard of.
Our living Earth : a story of people, ecology, and preservation          
This coffee table book has a lot of pictures in it, accompanied by some pretty amazing facts about our environment, the earth itself, and of course the people from around the world.
How to speak dog : a guide to decoding dog language          
Ever wanted to know what dogs are saying?  Well this book can help.  You might even learn to communicate with your dog their way.
This book requires safety goggles : a collection of bizarre science trivia          
This book is exactly what its title says - cool trivia facts about science.  Definitely an interesting read, even if you're not a science buff.