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​Graded Lists: 6th Grade

You are still the most important influence in your child's life, so model good reading habits. Here are suggested books for 6th graders.

The red umbrella
This book captures the personal drama of family separation while dealing with social and political upheaval.
The search for WondLa
Readers will easily relate to this tale about the need to belong, to connect, and to figure out one's place in the world.
Charlie Joe Jackson's guide to summer vacation
The antics of this funny, likeable character will appeal to readers who are looking for an entertaining story.
A heist caper that will please readers who like adventure.  It’s Ocean’s 11 for the school-age crowd.
Sparrow Road
A thoughtful coming-of-age story that explores old and new relationships and conflicting family loyalties.
Storm runners
This is an exciting, quick read, with chapters alternating between Chase and his father, who is trying to find him. Weather reports and a lot of survival tips and facts are included.
Lemonade, and other poems squeezed from a single word
An accessible, playful poetry collection that invites imaginative wandering.
Johnny Swanson
In the spirit of Roald Dahl, this is a funny and delightful story with a satisfying mystery, a wonderful cast of characters, and an unlikely but completely likeable hero.
Around the world
In addition to interesting history and a gift for evoking both an era and the personalities that lived in it, the stories are greatly enhanced by Phelan's art.
Silk & venom : searching for a dangerous spider
Excellent color photos and clearly drawn maps illustrate the text, which creates an appealing portrayal of the scientist and her fascination with her work.
Alexander Hamilton : the outsider
This book provides a richly detailed and eye-opening account of this important American's personal history.
Mirror mirror : a book of reversible verse
This book is remarkably clever and versatile that fans of poetry or fairy-tales will like.

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