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​Graded Lists: 6th Grade

You are still the most important influence in your child's life, so model good reading habits. Here are suggested books for 6th graders.

Number the stars       
A touching fictional tale of a Danish family who shelter a young girl from the dangerous and oppressive real-life Nazi takeover leading to World War II, Number the Stars is a must-read for young readers.
Treasure Island          
Adventure meets Jim Hawkins in this classic tale of fortune and deception, enjoyable for people of all ages.
The Sword in the stone          
If you think you know the whole story after watching Disney's The Sword in the Stone, think again! That movie is merely the first 30 pages of this lengthy novel, which is really a satire on myth and chivalric romance, and which, though a long read, is great for tweens and young adults.
The giver          
If you haven't experienced dystopian fiction, this could be your first! Join Jonas in his discovery of life beyond the mundane.
My side of the mountain          
Like a Walden for children, this book – a deserved winner of the Newbery Award – narrates the story of a young boy who leaves New York City to live in solitude near the Catskill Mountains.
Cooper's Victory is realistic fiction mixed with a few fantasy elements. It follows Sam, aboard the HMS Victory, the ship upon which Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson died a hero's death in a battle during the Napoleonic Wars in 1805.
Coraline is a dark, creepy, yet enchanting book about an "other" world to which the eponymous main character gains access behind a door in her drawing room.
The lion, the witch and the wardrobe          
Action-packed, thoughtful prose bring a wondrous world of satyrs, birds, beavers, fauns and queens to life in one of the best fantasy series ever written for children. Parents, kids: it's never too late to begin this epic series.
The warrior heir          
Derivative of the hero's journey or monomyth pattern, this (admittedly lengthy) novel tells the story of 16-year-old Jack and his discovery and subsequent adventure into the magical underground world of Weir.
Howl's moving castle          
Changed dramatically in its Ghibli animated film adaptation, Jones' original novel is delightful, fantastic, and rich with symbol.
Jacob have I loved          
Paterson takes this book's title from Judeo-Christian scripture: it is a reference to the Genesis story of the twins Jacob and Esau, the latter of which trades his primogeniture inheritance to his brother in exchange for a bowl of lentil soup. Sara Louise and Caroline echo this biblical pair in a symbolic tale of maturity and identity that takes place on the East Coast of the US during WWII.
The Golden Fleece and the heroes who lived before Achilles          
Join Jason and the Argonauts and other various heroes in these classic mythological tales retold.
Complete with high quality visuals, this book walks you through the cultural aspects of the Renaissance – including its art, literature, politics, and technology – and teaches us of a time when great minds made some of the most important innovations for our modern world.
Tales from Shakespeare          
This book retells adapted versions of some of the greatest works ever written in the English language.

Egyptian myths          
Learn about the stories and relationships of all of ancient Egypt's various deities and how these stories helped the Egyptians interpret their world.

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