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Graded Lists: ​Preschool

Share books with your child everyday. Repetition is important, so find some books that you both enjoy. Here are some great titles for preschoolers.

A big guy took my ball!          
Piggie is upset because a whale took the ball she found, but Gerald finds a solution that pleases all of them.
Are we there yet?          
This imaginative take on the never-ending car ride is filled with surprises. 
Pete the cat. Twinkle, twinkle, little star          
Youngsters are invited to join Pete the Cat as he stars in the classic nighttime song "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."
Bark, George          
What's going on with George? Young readers will find out in this hilarious picture book from Jules Feiffer who has won numerous prizes for his work, including the Pulitzer.
A ball for Daisy          

A wordless picture book about all the fun a dog can have with her ball.

A good day          
A bird, a fox, a dog, and a squirrel overcome minor setbacks to have a very good day.
A trip into space          
Combines upbeat, rhythmic text and illustrations in an introduction to the International Space Station that incorporates NASA-verified facts about the experiences of astronauts who work, sleep and walk in space.
It's only Stanley          
Stanley, the brilliantly inventive beagle, is keeping his family up all night with his noisy clinking and clanking. What’s he up to anyway?
How the dinosaur got to the museum       
If you’ve ever seen a Diplodocus’ skeleton in a museum, you probably marveled at its 45-foot long tail. But did you ever wonder how that dinosaur got to the museum in the first place? 
Who will plant a tree?       
Shows the various ways seeds can be dispersed and planted.
Dinosaur more! : a first book of dinosaur facts          
Fun facts about dinosaurs including how long ago they lived, how much they ate, how large they grew and how they fought.
I love bugs!          
A boy extols the various characteristics of insects, all of which he loves.
The day the crayons quit          
Imaginative and amusing tale of what happens when under-appreciated crayons go on strike.

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