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​Arizona Connections

Musically, Arizona has a myriad to offer. Nearly every genre is represented in the history of this state. Tune into this list and listen to the many musicians with Arizona connections.

220px-Bentleyhome.jpg (220×220)
The country star was born in Phoenix.
The punk-emo-alt-rock group formed
in Mesa in part by two bandmates who
had been friends since preschool.
Crystal visions the very best of Stevie Nicks.
The Fleetwood Mac member and artist in
her own right was born at Good Samaritan
Hospital in Central Phoenix.

The influential jazz double bassist and
bandleader was born on a U.S. Army
base in Nogales.


Unida cantina
Born in Tucson and raised in Tempe, Clyne
went on to attend Arizona State University.
He wrote and performed the theme song
to the Arizona Diamondbacks.
Everything comes and goes



Born in Phoenix, Branch went on to live
in Sedona and study voice at Northern
Arizona University in Flagstaff.
Super hits. Vol. 2
In the early 1960s, Jennings made
Coolidge his home and when he moved
to Phoenix, Tempe became a platform
for his rockabilly band, The Waylors,
to flourish.
Meat Puppets II

Members of the American rock band me
at Central Phoenix's Brophy Prep High
School. The expanded band relocated to
Tempe where they began to play gigs.


Jonas brothers
Middle brother Joe Jonas was born
in Casa Grande.
The best of Linda Ronstadt the Capitol years.
Born in the southern Arizona city, the
songstress is considered by many to be
Tucson royalty. Tucson's central transit
terminal is named for her grandfather, a
pioneering businessman.
People of peace          
The Navajo/Ute flautist was born in
Flagstaff and currently makes
Tucson his home.
Love it to death           
Alice Cooper formed in late 1960s
Phoenix and was originally the name
of the band. Once the group reached
significant commercial status, the lead
singer took on the name Alice Cooper
for himself and went on to his own
lucrative career.
New miserable experience          
The band got its start in Tempe, where
it helped cultivate what is now known as
the "Mill Avenue sound."
By the time I get to Phoenix          

The country crooner with a very
public life lived in Phoenix for a time.

Buck 'em! the music of Buck Owens (1967-1975). volume 2          
The country singer and songwriter's
family made Mesa their home when
Owens was a child in the late 1930s.
Tanya Tucker
Tucker's early life was spent in Willcox.
The very best of John Denver live
Denver was a member of the Tucson
Arizona Boys Chorus as a child.
Some nights
Lead singer Nate Ruess moved to
Glendale when Ruess experienced
too many bouts of pneumonia as a
child in Iowa. He attended Deer Valley
High School.

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