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​Brian's Weird Christmas ListPhoto of staff member Brian

Meet Brian

I am a Page at Mesquite Library and one of the best parts of being a Page is that nearly every book in the collection passes through my hands as they are checked in and shelved. This allows me to find some really quirky gems; books well off of the beaten path. Novels about "an Angel who inadvertently raises an army of the dead" and stories about "cats who save Christmas".

Meet his list

My list, be it naughty or nice, is a grouping of favorite “holiday” movies and some of the rare and weird finds that have crossed my path here at the library. None of the following are your traditional Christmas fare and I would not have it any other way.


Die hard
Flat out the best Christmas movie ever. "Now I have a machine gun. Ho. Ho. Ho. "
Musical mystery starring Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer written and directed by Christmas enthusiast Shane Black. Do I really need to say more?

Monty Python alum Terry Gilliam skewers the commercialism of Christmas in this dystopian satire.

Lethal weapon

The best buddy cop flick set against the backdrop of Christmas.

Extremely underrated horror movie tells the tale of little monsters that terrorize a small town on Christmas Eve.

My favorite version of A Christmas Carol this time starring Bill Murray as Scrooge.

The Muppet Christmas carol
Muppets + Michael Caine + Christmas = Win!
Bad Santa
The filthiest, most terrible, horrible Santa Claus ever. Fear not, it’s a comedic gem. That is if you like your gems black as coal!
In Bruges
Two criminals go into hiding in another black comedy set in a small Belgian community where it is like Christmas all of the time.


Holidays on ice
Essayist Sedaris writes crazy stories about the silly season.
The stupidest angel  : a heartwarming tale of Christmas terror
The story of an angel who while performing a Christmas miracle inadvertently raises an army of the dead. Comedic gold (frankincense and myrrh)!
Skipping Christmas
Empty nesters the Kranks decide to forego Christmas and go on a cruise. When events conspire against them they rush to get back into the Christmas spirit.
Oliver the cat who saved Christmas
Oliver a cat living in a pub becomes homeless and is adopted by a nice family. Oliver repays that debt by performing Christmas miracles of his own.
When elves attack : a joyous Christmas greeting from the criminal nutbars of the sunshine state          
Battling with Dave Barry for the kingship of Floridian zaniness comes a story about a serial killer who delivers his own brand of Christmas cheer.
Unholy night          
The absolutely “true” story of the Three Wise Men.

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