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​Meet Danielle

I love my job as a Librarian at Cholla Library. I feel very fortunate to be able to help people on a daily basis. When I'm not at work I like to read, cook, see live music, have dinner with friends, and hang out with my husband and cat on the couch.

Meet her list

Dystopian Fiction has it all: war, famine, zombies, vampires, greedy corporations and/or governments gone wild. It also has strong characters that rally to fight against all odds. It's fun to root for them. The pacing is usually fast and intense. The best thing about this genre is that no matter how bad you have it, one of these characters has it WAY worse.


The passage : a novel
This is the first installment of an epic dystopian vampire trilogy, written by a graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop. In the near future, a microbiologist has tried to create a race of superbeings as part of a top secret military project, and OF COURSE it goes all wrong.  This imaginative 700 plus page book is high on intensity and is oh so hard to put down.
Ready player one
If you are a fan of video games, 80s cultural references, and geek heroes, boy is this the book for you. It's FUN.
This book started off as a self-published short story and soon made it onto the Kindle Sci-Fi bestseller list. I'm not surprised because the story is imaginative and full of well-paced tension!
California : a novel          
A look at marriage after the world ends and the only thing left to do is live in the wilderness. It's a different, interesting take on the future gone wrong.
Oryx and Crake : a novel
Rampant corporate greed, mixed with some biochemical engineering, have made the future a weird place. This would be a good pick for a book group because it raises a lot of interesting questions about technology, sustainability, and the future of the human race.  
Cloud atlas : a novel
This book contains six nested stories ranging from the past, the present, and a post-apocalyptic future. The stories are all very different but meld together well to make a complex, enriching whole. 
Station eleven
 A virus takes out most of the population of the world, governments have fallen, and people live spread out in small towns. A roving Shakespeare troupe and traveling symphony go between towns, sharing their art because "survival is insufficient." This is a well written, hypnotic story.  
J : a novel
This Man Booker Prize Finalist for 2014 is mysterious; the time and place of the novel are never made explicit. The society has endured some form of mass extermination or exile that's referred to only as WHAT HAPPENED, IF IT HAPPENED. Part love story, part village dramedy, this novel makes you think and feel.  


Blade_Runner_poster.jpg (297×446)         
The future is polluted, ruled by corporations, and inhabited by replicants (human like robots). This masterwork of cinema is part sci-fi, part noir detective thriller. Add young, dreamy Harrison Ford in the mix and you’re all set to enjoy.
A clockwork orange
Stanley Kubrick was nominated for a Best Director Academy Award for this film, which takes place in near future London. This highly imaginative take on the novella by Anthony Burgess is violent, extreme, bold, and visually stunning. You'll never hear "Singin' in the Rain" the same again.
In this version of the future, your DNA determines your destiny. Eugenics is a common practice. A man struggles to move beyond the constraints of his time to achieve his dream. A thought-provoking movie starring beautiful people Jude Law, Ethan Hawke, and Uma Thurman!
Time travel, assassins, and a smart story make this movie a not-to-miss thriller. Once you get over Joseph Gordon-Levitt's weird face (made to look more like Bruce Willis), it's a good show. 
Minority report
Steven Spielberg gives us darker fare here and it's awesome. This movie feels pretty real, in part because Spielberg invited various experts to work with him on coming up with a plausible future reality. Hopefully, the real future doesn't include psychics hooked up to machines who foretell when a person will commit a crime with questionable accuracy. Fingers crossed.

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