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​Joanna's Good ListPhoto of staff member Joanna

Meet Joanna

I am the Youth Services Librarian at Ocotillo Library & Workforce Literacy Center. I am a policy, administration and community social worker. My passion is working to enhance the quality of life for those in our community through library programs, advocacy and empowerment. My background has been working in the social service field for the past 12 years. 


Meet her list

Underserved communities and children being raised by their grandparents and other relatives are populations with which I have spent a lot of my time. They have shown me what people can do when united and how resilient children can be. I believe that we, as humans, have inherent worth and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We here at the library are the bridge to knowledge and enhance the quality of life for those in our community by offering them a connection and an invitation in to learn.

​Children's Books: Good Social Messages

Giraffes can't dance       
Just be yourself and do not worry about what those around you say. Celebrating our differences is important to cultural understanding and showing this to children supports a good social message.
The little prince          
The Little Prince is a story about the parallels between human nature and the human experience. It talks about the things we miss, the things we experience, and how we have to look for the good in whatever situation we find ourselves in.  
Falling up : poems and drawings          
A wonderful book of poems that can be read by anyone at any age. It makes the ordinary exciting and has some pretty interesting cautionary tales and some great observations about life.  
Dragons love tacos          
A fun-filled tale about dragons LOVING tacos and what happens when you give them spicy food. Dragons and their community rebuild when something goes wrong as a result of spicy food.
Dragones y tacos          
(en español)

​Inherent Worth Books

Rising strong          
Fellow Social Worker, Brene Brown says this, “Rising strong after a fall is how we cultivate wholeheartedness in our lives; it’s the process that teaches us the most about who we are.” She delves into vulnerability and how vulnerability is courage even when we don’t know what the outcomes for our lives will be. She fosters an attitude of loving oneself and putting yourself out there even when it’s uncomfortable.
The Alchemist          
A young shepherd boy journeys to Egypt after having had multiple dreams of finding treasure there. We see the journey not only as a physical one, but as a spiritual and uplifting journey about how whatever you put into the universe, the universe will help you achieve. There are themes of individual growth, showing respect for one another, and that we each have something to contribute to this world.

​Movies with a Social Message

Edward Scissorhands          
We see themes of love, acceptance, isolation, and self-discovery. Interesting how the homes all looked the same in “suburbia,” except that one house on the end. Tim Burton’s fantasy/romantic/surrealist way of directing always has me at the edge of my seat.
We see the story, trials, and tribulations of one Mexican-American family. We see them become acculturated and assimilated to the American culture while attempting to maintain their roots all the while facing some good and bad realities. I like it because it talks about many of the stories we see now even 2, 3 or 4 generations in.
The NeverEnding story          
A young boy is bullied and has little confidence. We see his journey that, by believing in himself and having a good support system of friends, nothing is impossible.

​Music for the Social Consciousness

Abbey Road          
by Beatles
"Here Comes the Sun" is my favorite song by The Beatles. I interpret it as offering hope after a dark time; something to look forward to.
B is for Bob          
"Three Little Birds" is a feel-good song with reassurance that no matter what happens we can be resilient and be all right.
I see it as a world as one living amongst one another, knowing we can celebrate the uniqueness that is the United States of America and that everyone can come together to make their communities better places to live.

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