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Liliana & Kristl's Frida List

Meet LilianaStaff members Liliana and Kristl

Liliana has pursued a career as a solo artist and explores site­-specific creative collaborations with a variety of downtown Phoenix venues.  In 2014, Liliana collaborated with the Phoenix Art Museum on the opening of the Andy Warhol exhibit. She created dance installations inspired by Andy Warhol art throughout the museum. In 2015, she collaborated again with the Phoenix Art Museum for the opening of the new Spanish Colonial Latin American Art exhibit and created work based on The Lady of Guadalupe. This past November, Liliana collaborated with the Heard Museum on creating Frida-inspired dance installations for the opening of the Frida Kahlo - Her Photos exhibit. Liliana received a Scottsdale Public Art Grant in 2014 for a collaborative performance piece called "Everything Flows" with visual artist Ashley Macias during the Canal Convergence artist series. In all of these collaborations Liliana has depended on the Phoenix Public Library to dig into research via books and biopics, audio CDs and movies. In addition to choreographing and producing, Liliana has worked as an artist for Rising Youth Theater performing in "Light Rail Plays," Project in the Borderlands reading for "Banned Plays", for "Herkules" with Orange Theatre and helped create "The Soul Justice Project" with Phonetic Spit.  In November 2015, Liliana won the Cliff Keuter Dance Artist Award on behalf of The Phoenix Mayors Arts Awards. The award is in recognition of her outstanding work with the Downtown Phoenix arts community and her dedication for dance in public places.

Meet Kristl

Kristl is Phoenix Public Library's Web Content Librarian and is a part of the library's Community Relations team. In her past lives, Kristl worked as a children's librarian, digital services reference librarian, University of Arizona Museum of Art youth educator, and archives assistant at the Center for Creative Photography. Kristl keeps busy by heading two local book clubs and by throwing parties for any old reason. An artist at heart, Kristl's creative passions lie in painting and music.

Meet their list

Frida Kahlo is at once a historical figure and living, breathing cultural icon. The complexities of her art stem in part from the many tragedies she suffered in her lifetime as well as the unique position she found herself in as a woman artist in post-Revolutionary Mexico. Get to know Frida with this quick list of suggested reads and films.

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