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​Staff Picks Featurettes

Meet some of our staff and let them introduce you to items from our collection that they think are the absolute best.


Photo of staff member AimeeAimee's Happy List

This book list is a happy antidote to every day's bad news. Meet Aimee.

Photo of staff member BradyBrady's Shakespeare List

Delve into everything Shakespeare. Meet Brady.

Brian's Weird Christmas List

Looking for movies and books with a different take on Christmas? Meet Brian.


Photo of staff member DakotaDakota's Fantastic Females List

Explore stories of adventure and strength featuring women in lead roles. These are stories told from multi-faceted perspectives that will hopefully be entertaining and inspiring for everyone. Meet Dakota.

Danielle's Dystopia List

War, famine, zombies, governments gone wild. Root for strong characters that rally to fight against all odds. Meet Danielle.

Photo of staff member Deb​Deb's Final Frontier Picks

Deb really would like to take off into space and explore other worlds.  So, until she gets to do that in real life, the following books, DVDs, and CD, are her tickets to space travel. Meet Deb.


Heather's You're Not Going to Believe This List

This is a list of incredible, tragic and inspiring stories which kept Heather's attention from beginning to end. Meet Heather.

Jacqui's Academic Mysteries and Book Books

Put on your thinking caps. Mysteries set in scholarly surroundings and books about books are on the horizon. Meet Jacqui.

Photo of staff member JessicaJessica's Entrepreneur List

Whether you have the next revolutionary tech idea, or just have really good salsa, this list can help inspire you to take the next steps to launching a little bit of awesome into the world! Meet Jessica.

Joanna's Good List

Recommended feel-good books, movies, and music. Take in the good messages and see everyone's inherent worth. Meet Joanna.

Kimberly's Universal Truths List

These books capture universal truths and lessons; they teach us about the world we live in by making us look at it with new eyes. Meet Kimberly.

Kristl's Bedtime Stories List

Funny books, sweet books, colorful books, one more book! Books for bedtime. Meet Kristl.

Liliana & Kristl's Frida List

Frida Kahlo is at once a historical figure and living, breathing cultural icon. Find resources to learn more about the artist. Meet Liliana and Kristl.

Photo of staff member RobRob's Horror List

Mostly books. Some films. Always a good scare. Meet Rob.

Sara's Smart Girl List

Sara is a library customer. Sara is a scientist. Scientists are just regular people who happen to be really curious. Are you curious? Meet Sara.

Photo of staff member StephanieStephanie's Epic Fantasy List

Not for the weary. Not for the faint of heart. You have to enjoy world building, new magic systems, and struggle. Meet Stephanie.

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