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​One Book | One Phoenix for Kids

One Book | One Phoenix is the first City of Phoenix community-wide reading program. 

Join your community this summer in reading one of the following books and participating in online programs.

These titles will be available for unlimited use on Greater Phoenix Digital Library from June 1 through August 31.

Check them out with your library card and read them on your device or computer.

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My Land Sings: Stories From the Rio Grande by Rudolfo Anaya

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Stories as beautiful and mysterious as the Rio Grande itself...

A young Spanish man named Rolando journeys to the New World to find the legendary Fountain of Youth. But at what price will Rolando taste the waters of eternal life?

On a dare, Lupe goes down to the river one night to search for la Llorona, a ghostly woman who walks in search of her drowned baby.

Abel, a shepherd, saves a snake from a fire and in return is given the ability to understand the speech of animals.

In these ten stories, Rudolfo Anaya, author of Bless Me, Ultima, draws on a rich Hispanic and Native American folklore tradition, capturing the rhythm of life along New Mexico's Río Grande valley.

​About the Author

Rudolfo Anaya lives and breathes the landscape of the Southwest. It is a powerful force, full of magic and myth, integral to his writings. Anaya, however, is a native Hispanic fascinated by cultural crossings unique to the Southwest, a combination of oldSpain and New Spain, of Mexico with Mesoamerica and the anglicizing forces of the twentieth century. Rudolfo Anaya is widely acclaimed as the founder of modern Chicano literature. According to the New York Times, he is the most widely read author in Hispanic communities, and sales of his classic Bless Me, Ultima (1972) have surpassed 360,000, despite the fact that none of his books have been published originally by New York publishing houses. His works are standard texts in Chicano studies and literature courses around the world, and he has done more than perhaps any other single person to promote publication of books by Hispanic authors in this country. With the publication of his novel, Albuquerque (1992), Newsweek has proclaimed him a front-runner in "what is better called not the new multicultural writing, but the new American writing." His most recent volume, published in 1995, is Zia Summer.

​Quotes by Rudolfo Anaya

"I've always used the technique of the cuento. I am an oral storyteller, but now I do it on the printed page. I think if we were very wise we would use that same tradition in video cassettes, in movies, and on radio."

"The oral tradition played an important role in my life. I learned about story from the cuentistas, the oral storytellers. It is a tradition one often loses when one moves into print, but its elements are strong and as valuable today as they have been historically. I want my literature to be accessible to my community, and I want it to reflect the strands of history which define us."

"Western writers reflect their landscape. We cannot escape the bond we have to our environment, the elements, especially water. As a Chicano writer I am part of a community which for the first time in our contemporary era has produced enough literary works to create a literary movement. Prior to the 1960s western literature was written about us, but seldom by us. Now the world has a truer insight into our world; the view is now from within as more and more Chicano and Chicana writers explore their reality."

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Rudolfo Anaya and My Land Sings

American Southwest

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