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Financial Aid


The first step in applying for financial aid is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It is important to complete the FAFSA early in order to receive maximum consideration for free money. A new FAFSA is available in January of each year. Click here to access a comprehensive guide on completing the FAFSA. Descriptions of the types of federal aid are listed below.


Grants are free money awarded to qualified students. The Pell Grant is the most common grant. Your eligibility is determined by your financial need according to the FAFSA. Click here to learn more about the Pell Grant.


Loans are funds provided to students (or parents in the case of the Parent PLUS Loan) and must be repaid. Some student loan programs require financial need while others do not. Click here to learn more about federal student loans.


Students can work on campus through the Federal Work-Study program. Funds earned can be used toward a student's educational expenses, while the student gains beneficial work experience. If interested, be sure to designate so while completing the FAFSA. Click here​ to learn more about the Federal Work-Study program.

Check out our Scholarships page​ for a rotating list of upcoming opportunities​.