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We connect adults and youth who have not completed high school to educational opportunities and resources that lead to a high school diploma or the equivalent (GED preparation). These resources and opportunities are located in Phoenix, Arizona, and the Greater Valley of Phoenix in general. For help connecting with the location that best meets your individual needs, please call 602.261.8847, email, or request an appointment.

ESL Classes in Phoenix

GED and Non Traditional High School Options in Phoenix

GED Options by Region

GED classes are offered all over Metro Phoenix and are available in English and Spanish. Regional lists have been removed due to GED test prep sites being temporarly postponed. 

What are the differences between the High School Diploma and GED (High School Equivalency)?      

High School Diploma  

  • For a high school diploma, students will need to complete multiple classes, which have many assignments such as homework, essays, quizzes, tests, and final exams. 
  • High school diploma programs typically take anywhere from 1 - 2 years of instruction, depending on how many transferable credits the student has on their transcript(s).
  • High school programs and locations may vary depending on the age of the student. For students younger than 21 years of age, there are non-traditional/alternative high schools available. Most alternative high schools offer some type of credit recovery for students who are behind on credits and still under 22 years of age. For students older than 21 years of age, options are primarily available online with limited physical locations. These programs typically require a fee. 
  • College Depot at the Phoenix Public Library offers a scholarship for eligible Phoenix residents 21 and older for the Career Online High School program. You begin applying here.

GED or HSE (High School Equivalency)

  • You are eligible to take the GED tests if you are 16 or older.
  • The GED consists of four tests: Reasoning through Language ArtsMathematical ReasoningScience, and Social Studies
  • The GED is equivalent to a High School Diploma. It tests students on the same fundamental information that the coursework leading to the high school diploma would require.
  • Each GED test costs $35, which totals $140 for all four tests. You do not need to take all four tests at the same time.
  • It is advised that students spend at least 3 months studying for the GED, but the entire process may take 5-8 months or longer, depending on the student's comfort level with the material. 
  • Students can find and checkout GED study books at the Phoenix Public Library by searching for "GED" here and going to your local library branch to pick it up. 
Which one is best for you?
With so many options, this question can be difficult to answer. Here are some things to consider:
  • How soon do you need either a GED or High School Diploma? Are there any time constraints?
  • Do you feel comfortable taking tests?
  • Do you work well independently?
  • Are you comfortable with computers?
  • What is your budget?
  • What do you hope to do once you achieve this goal? Will you go to school or work?
Get Connected

Even with this information it can be hard to know what option is best for you. Our team of re-engagement experts are ready to meet with you one-on-one to create an education plan that will best fit your needs. Call us at (602)261-8847 to set up an appointment. You can also email us at or fill out the form and someone will be in touch with you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes. For individuals who are under 22 years of age, alternative high schools are an ideal, no-cost option. There are a vast number of non-traditional high schools to fit a wide variety of student circumstances. Individuals over the age of 21 can apply for a tuition waiver to attend Phoenix Public Library’s Career Online High School. Additionally, we provide referrals to other online high school options for adults and GED preparation programs throughout the valley. Those who are 16-21 are encouraged to enroll in an alternative high school, most of which offer some type of credit recovery program (normally accelerated) leading to a high school diploma. Being able to earn your high school diploma after dropping out can depend on at least two factors: age and the amount of high school credits you have left to complete the requirements to graduate. Arizona requires that you have 22 credits (depending on the year you entered high school) to earn your high school diploma. If you are significantly behind on credits and you would turn 22 before you would graduate, then you should consider Career Online High School or a GED preparation program. Please give us a call at 602-261-8847 for more information or to set up an appointment with an advisor who can assess your individual situation and connect you with the best option to meet your needs.
A: The GED test refers to a series of four testing modules (Science, Social Studies, Mathematical Reasoning and Reasoning through Language Arts) that, when passed with a 145 or higher, earn you your Arizona High School Equivalency (HSE) Diploma, which proves that you have the same skills required by high schools. With a HSE Diploma (commonly referred to as the GED), you can qualify for better employment opportunities and enroll in college. Also, for those applying for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), enrolling at a GED test preparation site or earning your HSE diploma helps you meet the continuing education portion of the DACA application.
A:The total cost of taking the test is $140. Each testing module is $35 and can be taken separately at different times. If you fail a testing module, you can receive a $20 discount from to retake that module.
A: In order to obtain your HSE diploma, you must pass each of the four testing modules with a 145 or better. The test score levels are as follows: 145-164 – Pass/ High School Equivalency 165-174 – GED College Ready 175-200 – GED College Ready + Credit
A: Yes, with an HSE diploma you will be accepted at any community college, although you will still need to take placement tests to determine what course levels you will begin at. According to, if you’ve earned the College Ready score on your GED test, it means that you likely have the skills to start college-level courses and depending on the school or program you to apply to, you may not have to take a placement test or any non-credit courses in college. If you’ve earned the College Ready + Credit score on your GED test, you may demonstrate some of the same skills that are taught in college-level courses and depending on the school or program you apply to, you may be eligible for up to 3 math credits, 3 science credits, 3 social studies credits and 1 English credit. State universities and 4-year colleges require you to have a score of 165 or higher to qualify for admittance. If you know where you would like to study, the best bet is to contact their admissions office and ask them directly if they will accept an HSE diploma. If your goal is to attend a four-year college but your GED score isn't high enough, you can start at a community college and then transfer to a four-year college (depending on your GPA at the community college). For more information call College Depot to set up an appointment with a college planning advisor today!
A: Every 10-15 years the test is revamped to make it current with the contemporary standards applied to high school students for them to graduate. Aside from content updates, the GED tests are entirely computer based, which means results are immediate. In addition, the GED passing score has changed to 145 instead of 150 and the GED with Honors score has been replaced by two new score levels that show you’re ready for college and you can even be eligible to earn college college credits (GED College Ready: 165-174, GED College Ready + Credit: 175-200).
A: If you took a GED test subject between January 1, 2014 and March 1, 2016, and earned a score between 145-149 on that subject, your records have been automatically updated to show that you passed that test. If you did not pass all 5 testing modules for the 2013 version, then you will need to begin all over again with the newest version.
A: Most people aren’t able to simply go down and pass the tests without any preparation, so they elect to enroll in a GED preparation site. These sites generally give regular classes on the content in the four different areas of the GED test to help prepare people with the skills they need to be able to pass the GED test and earn their HSE diploma. Each site is different in the methods (teacher guided or self-paced, cost, language of instruction, ect.) they use to provide GED test preparation. Call 602-261-8847 to set up an appointment with a ReEngage Advisor today to get a customized education plan for you.

Feel free to contact us at 602.261.8847 or email us at to set up a ReEngage appointment.

Helpful Resources 

Sign up fo​​r a GED​​ test & Find GE​D Testing Centers
Create an account to register for one of the four GED test modules, locate testing centers or get additional GED resources and information.NOTE: Many testing centers are temporarily closed due COVID-19. This includes all Rio Salado College testing sights. Click here for a message on this from the GED testing site. 

Arizona GED Tes​t Info
Review testing rules for Arizona and get answers to any other questions you might have. 

Library's Free GED Pre​p Software
Helps you evalu​ate and build your skills in the four GED content areas to help you take the tests (requires library card). 

Varsity Tutors GED​ Prep
Free GED learning tools offering a comprehensive suite of resources to help you improve your ​abilities in the required GED testing areas (Math, Social Studies, Science, and Lan​guage Arts). Diagnostic tests, practice tests, flashcards and example content in specific concepts are offered.

Mo​metrix Free GED Test Prep​
Mometrix Academy offers a lot of free GED practice test questions and videos you can use to get ready for the exam​.

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