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Scholarships by Award Amount 

​To view scholarships with awards within a specific range, click on one of the squares below.

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Scholarships with Other or Varied Awards.

Please note that some of the following scholarships may have awards which are non-monetary. 

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American Association of University Women Career Development Grant11/15/2020$2,000
Women's Grant
Non-traditional Age/Lifelong Learner
Career Development Grants are open to women who
  • are U.S. citizens or permanent residents;
  • hold an earned (not honorary) bachelor’s degree;
  • received their bachelor’s degree on or before June 30, 2013
  • do not hold an earned (not honorary) graduate or professional degree;
  • plan to enroll or are enrolled in courses/activities that are required for professional employment or advancement; and
  • plan to enroll or are enrolled in one of the following:
    • Bachelor’s or associate degree program that is different from the field of study of the previously earned bachelor’s degree
    • Master’s degree program
    • Certification program
    • Technical school
    • Professional degree (e.g., law or medicine)
NACA Foundation Scholarships for Student Leaders11/30/2020Grant based
​​Undergraduate Students ​ 
  • Students who hold leadership positions on campus​
  • Application  
  • Appicant Bio - 100 words 
  • Only the first 75 applications received are reviewed​