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Nonprofit Navigator Series

Nonprofit Navigator Series 

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​Grant Writing 101 Series

A series of 7 modules designed to teach the basics of writing a grant proposal for a nonprofit organization. Each week a new module will be disucssed in this introductory series to get participants started with grant writing. Fridays 12-2pm. Registration Required. Presented by Carol Farabee.

​Module 5: Analyze Your Mission, Values and Goals 

Module 5 discusses how participants can recognize the Mission, Values, and Goals that drive a nonprofit organization. Participants will also determine the lifecycle phase for the organization. 

Mar 6, 12 - 2pm. Register here.

​Module 6: Setting Measure Structure for Organizing Effectiveness

Module 6 uses the skills acquired in Module 5 measure the effectiveness of their own organization. Participants will also learn about the importance and selection of a board of directors.

Mar 13, 12 - 2pm. Register here.

Module 7: Final Discussion

The final module allows participants to discuss the topics covered throughout the series. 

Mar 20, 12 - 2pm. Register here.

SCORE Nonprofit Series - Part 1: Developing a Nonprofit Enterprise

The SCORE Nonprofit series consists of two parts. This seminar is designed for anyone starting or thinking about starting a nonprofit entity. Become familiar with the basic strategies and nuances associated with starting a nonprofit entity. Get all the basics to start a nonprofit, accounting, legal, marketing, and development. Hear real experiences to guide you. Part 2 will take place on April 21.

Presented by SCORE Greater Phoenix.

Tuesday, Mar 10, 5:30 - 8:30pm. Register here.

Grant Writing 102 Series

A series of modules designed to teach how to find grants that best support specific organizations. Fridays 12-2pm. Registration Required. Presented by Carol Farabee.

​Module 1: Locating Grants 

Module 1 covers strategies participants can use to locate specific grants relevant to them. 

Apr 3, 12 - 2pm. Register here.

​Module 2: Examine the Requirements for Applying for the Grant 

Module 2 shows participants how to identify the requirements when applying for grants, as well as how to utilize key words to locate the right grant.

April 10, 12 - 2pm. Register here.

Module 3: Identify the Different Types of Contributions

Module 3 familiarizes participants to different types of contributions that may benefit their organization.

April 17, 12 - 2pm. Register here.

​Module 4: Estimate the Amount of Funds Required to Operate Your Organization 

 Module 4 asks the participants to analyze how funds should be used, as well as what to ask when applying for a grant.

April 24, 12 - 2pm. Register here.

Module 5: Distinguish the Differences between Fundraising and Philanthropy 

In Module 5, the participants will determine whether their organization would benefit from fundraising or philanthropy. 

May 01, 12 - 2pm. Register here.

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