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​Productivity Series

​Procrastination: Gain Control of Your Workday 

Eliminate roadblocks to your success and identify the distractions that hold you back. Learn how to gain peak performance in your work and business. 

Wednesday, March 28; 6-7:30 PM - Ironwood Library

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Staging Productive Meetings

Learn strategies for being powerfully productive. You are working hard, now learn how to work smart. Maximize your focus, energy and productivity.

Wednesday, April 25; 6-7:30 PM - Park Central Library

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Simplify Your Workday

Feeling drained with just too much work to do? Make positive changes to simplify the way you work. Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, May 30; 6-7:30 PM - Park Central Library

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The productivity series is presented by Margo Brown, Productivity Coach

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