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Nonprofit Navigator Series 

Program supported as a member of the Foundation Center's Funding Information Network 

​Grant Writing 102: Locating Grants & Examining Requirements 

Grant Writing 102 is a series of interactive courses focusing on where to look for grants and the designated places that support your specific project. Presented by the Cooperative Collaboration Coalition | Animals & Humans In Disaster Inc.

Locating Grants: Discuss strategies to assist in searching for and locating grants that are specific to your project and mission. Learn how to write a compelling paragraph that describes how you qualify for a grant. 

Examine the requirements for applying for the grant: Located a grant? This session will identify the requirements for applying for the grant including determining a writing style and what to include in the grant request.

Friday, April 5, 12pm - 2pm

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​Grant Writing 102: Types of Contributions & Estimate Funds Required to Operate

Grant Writing 101 is a series of workshops aimed to serve nonprofit organizations and individuals to learn how the styles and techniques of writing influence funding opportunities. Each module is designed to go over the steps needed to write and win grants. Presented by the Cooperative Collaboration Coalition | Animals & Humans In Disaster Inc.

Identify Different Types of Contributions: Learn about the contributions nonprofits can accept and which may benefit your organization. Gain an understanding of the requirements that are most critical to your project, and practice how that is conveyed by writing a paragraph for your grant. 

Estimate the Amount of Funds Required to Operate Your Organization: Learn how to analyze how to use funds and how to estimate what to ask for when applying for a grant. You will be able to determine what are the top requirements to keeping your nonprofit’s doors open, and which are the most important expenses in your organization.

Friday, April 19, 12pm - 2pm

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So You Want to Start a Nonprofit

Want to start a charity? Congratulations! Starting a charity or nonprofit can be very rewarding​ as long as you follow the right path. Carolyn Sechler, C.P.A., will provide you with the step-by-step run down of nonprofit startups so you can begin sharing your mission with the community.​​​​

Presented by Sechler Morgan, C.P.A.

First Wednesday of each month

April 3, 12pm - 1 pm. Register here.

May 1, 12pm - 1 pm. Register here.

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