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Graded Reading Lists

Looking for a grade level-specific reading list for your child? Here are some lists to start with as you find books that appeal to your child and your family.

Graded Lists


Share books with your child everyday. Repetition is important, so find some books that you both enjoy. Here are some great titles for preschoolers.


By kindergarten, children should understand that print has meaning, be familiar with the alphabet and the sounds that letters make. The more you read to them, the more motivated they will be to learn to read. Keep it fun; reading should never be a chore!

1st Grade

Every child progresses at his or her own rate when learning to read. This list includes picture books meant for grown ups to read aloud, as well as a few "beginning readers." When picking books for your child to read, keep in mind the "five finger" test – have your child read a page aloud, if he misses more than five words on a page, the book may be too challenging. Keep it fun, don't let your child get frustrated.

2nd Grade

These are suggested books for a 2nd grader, but each child develops at a different rate. Don't be alarmed if your child struggles with a book on this list. What's important is to make reading a daily habit.

3rd Grade

By 3rd grade, children are reading independently. Take your child to the library regularly to select new titles.

4th Grade

By 4th grade, children are reading to learn about the world. They can handle longer, more complex chapter books.

5th Grade

Reading levels, whether measured by Lexile Level, Accelerated Reading, or another measure, will vary widely. In general, children this age are reading complex books over 100 pages. At this age, kids have many other activities that distract from reading, so it's very important for families to set aside time for independent reading every day.

6th Grade

You are still the most important influence in your child's life, so model good reading habits. Here are suggested books for 6th graders.

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