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Image of woman handing resume to viewerThe best resumes sell the hiring manager on your background & skills in just a few seconds.

The tools below take you step-by step through creating your resume, allowing you to insert pre-written phrases, personalize and save your resume. Choose the one that's best for you.




Optimal Resume: *

  • To create a resume using a completed template. Select from a wide variety of resume possibilities!
  • To create a custom resume using sample pre-written phrases.
  • To incorporate a resume into your e-portfolio and personal web page.

Arizona Job Connection:

  • To create and post your resume online for employers to view. 
  • To set up a Virtual Recruiter search agent to automatically review job postings and notify you of jobs that match your skills and criteria.

 Testing & Education Reference Center: *

  • To create a personalized resume. 
  • To build your modern web resume.

 Learning Express Library:*

  • To take a short survey to help you choose the right resume format. 
  • To take a resume tutorial & create your own resume.

 Gale Career Transitions:*

  • To create your resume step by step using tips and examples in each section.
  • To find the right words and approach, and view sample resumes and bullet points based on industry and experience.

 ​* A free Phoenix Public Library card is required to use this tool if you are not using a library computer.

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