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We're in this together! Looking for help? Check out these resources for the Phoenix workforce relating to the Coronavirus COVID-19 health emergency.
City of Phoenix Job ResourcesNew tab
Layoffs & UnemploymentLayoffs & Unemployment
/phoenixworks/layoffs-unemployment-benefitsIn page navigation
Create a resumeCreate a resume
/PhoenixWorks/ResumesIn page navigation
Create a cover letterCreate a cover letter
/phoenixworks/cover-lettersIn page navigation
Prepare for an interview/phoenixworks/PublishingImages/pw_interview.png
/phoenixworks/interviewingIn page navigation
Search online job listingsSearch online job listings
/phoenixworks/online-job-listingsIn page navigation
Increase job connectionsIncrease job connections
/phoenixworks/networkingIn page navigation
Local workforce helpLocal workforce help
/phoenixworks/local-workforce-helpIn page navigation
Improve your skillsImprove your skills
/phoenixworks/build-skillsIn page navigation
Career explorationCareer exploration
/phoenixworks/career-explorationIn page navigation

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