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Interwiew imageHere you will find tools to help you prepare for an employment interview, including sample interview questions & responses. A job interview will help an employer determine if you are suitable for a specific position.


Optimal Resume*:

  • To access a pool of potential questions, select what type of interview questions you would like to practice.
  • To use an interview coach to listen to sample interview questions and their ideal responses.
  • To record your interview responses & play them back for your review. 

Learning Express Library*:

  • To access interview tips to get the job you want.
  • To practice with sample interview questions.
  • To receive advice on how to handle a job offer.

Testing and Education Resource Center*:

  • To learn about different interview types & questions.
  • To access different interviewing tips & advise.
  • To learn the 10 most common questions & top 10 mistakes.
Gale Career Transitions:*
  • T complete an Interview Simulation with opening and behavioral interview questions.
  • To get feedback on your interview performance, and learn how to avoid common interview mistakes.



​* A free Phoenix Public Library card is required to use this tool if you are not using a library computer.

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