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​Lego® Land

A classic toy has become a modern phenomenon as more and more is being created with Legos​®. Find out how to build your own Lego projects at the library or at home!

​Attend a library Lego® program

Browse the library calendar for Lego®-themed programs and see if one is right for you!

Legos® at home

Have a handful or two of Legos® at home? Try one or more of the activities on the MACH home projects page to expand your Lego​® expertise. Resources include a virtual Lego​® environment for those that don't have the right Legos® handy.

Expand your Lego® universe

Visit and learn all about the widely popular and usable toy block.

Check out our Lego® Land list for books about building with the colorful pieces and more.

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