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Upgrading to Supported Browsers

This website utilizes many newer features that have only become available and popular within the last year and a half. Due to this the website is unable to be viewed properly on many older devices and operating system version. If you experience any viewing problems please consider the following to try and resolve your issues.

Some zoom settings may also cause the website to display incorrectly. Should this happen simply reset your zoom settings for the browser from the menu bar, you may need to press the "Alt" key to make the menu visible.

To check the version of any device or browser you can look for the about page page to discover which version you are running.

Smartphones and Tablets​

Many older versions of operating systems for mobile devices, tablets, or iPads may need to be upgraded to support the new features implemented by this website

These can be updated through the devices built in update system (Play Store, App Store, etc..) for free.

​Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer should be upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 at a minimum for optimal viewing. Internet Explorer 8 is the newest version available for Windows XP, all later version of Windows will allow you to upgrade to Internet Explorer 10. This is a free upgrade from Microsoft.

This can be done either through the Windows Update tool, or through the Microsoft update website which may update your windows update tool first before upgrading your Internet Explorer.

Other browsers​

Chrome browser, Firefox, Safari, and Opera should be upgraded to the most recent stable release version available.

All of these browsers can be upgraded for free by downloading the newest version from the respective company's website.

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