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​Rare Book Room Features

Take a peek into the unique collections of Phoenix Public Library's Rare Book Room.

Carol Schwartzot

Carol Schwartzott is a book artist, print maker and mixed media artist.  She writes, illustrates and designs book formats and typography. Her books are letterpress printed, contain artistic elements and are hand-bound. Some of her works can be found in the Library of Congress and The National Gallery of Art as well as university and public book art collections.   

"A book for me is like a journey; along the way the road twists and turns, and sometimes I get lost, but my aim is to arrive at my destination and enjoy the trip along the way. Curiosity, investigation, observation, objects, words or images, intuition, connections and creative application accompany me on my journey. Processes are part of the reason I choose to make books. I love the processes involved in researching, writing, designing, drawing, painting, printing, constructing and binding." – Carol Schwartzott 

Phoenix Public Library is proud to house twelve of her books in the Rare Book Room collection.  Enjoy this sampling of her work.

The Garden and The Shades of Autumn by Carol SchwartzottThe Garden and The Shades of Autumn

These miniatures are two in a series of odes to the seasons.

The Envious Camel by Carol SchwartzottThe Envious Camel

A concise retelling of Aesop's fable is exhibited in a hand colored, letterpress printed miniature which tucks away perfectly in its brightly colored hexagonal box.

Mirror by Carol SchwartzottMirror

This Japanese inspired book contains five sections of folded pages on a combination of papers: mylar, chirogami, paste and fine Japanese.

​Hands Hands HandsHands Hands Hands by Carol Schwartzott

The cut paper construction creates the three dimensional look of hands reaching out to one another.

Haiku PoemsHaiku Poems by Carol Schwartzott

Haiku poems are printed on Japanese papers hand stitched into the spine in a concertina format.

Olá Mola : the Kuna of San BlasOlá Mola: the Kuna of San Blas

A Mola is a simple garment worn by Kuna women.  Here they are displayed as cut paper designs.

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