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Phoenix Public Library MilestonesPhoenix Public Library Milestones<div class="ExternalClass8B9ED522D8AC41EAACCC737C5F8BFFA7"><div class="table-responsive"><table class="table table-hover table-stripe"><thead role="rowgroup"><tr role="row"><th role="columnheader" scope="col" class="w-25">Date </th><th role="columnheader" scope="col">​Event </th></tr></thead><tbody role="rowgroup"><tr role="row"><td role="cell">November 1897</td><td role="cell">Fourteen wome​n organize the Friday Club to start a public library.​</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">June 21, 1898</td><td role="cell">Friday Club opens first Phoenix Public Library in the Fleming Building at Washington and First Avenue.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">September 16, 1899</td><td role="cell">Phoenix Library moves from the Fleming Building to City Hall.​​</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">March 29, 1901</td><td role="cell">First library board of trustees appointed by the Phoenix City Council.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">​March 3, 1902</td><td role="cell">City Council levies annual tax to support the library.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">​January 1904</td><td role="cell">Andrew Carnegie gives $25,000 to Phoenix for a library building.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">February 14, 1908</td><td role="cell">Carnegie Library at 1101 W. Washington St. dedicated.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">May 17, 1917</td><td role="cell">First library is established at Second and Washington streets.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">January 16, 1940</td><td role="cell">Mae Bartlett Heard donates eight acres at Central Avenue and McDowell Road for a civic center to contain a central library, art museum and auditorium.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">September 11, 1950</td><td role="cell">​Harmon Library at 411 W. Yavapai St. dedicated.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">​August 2, 1952</td><td role="cell">Carnegie Library closed after 44 years of service.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">March 1, 1953</td><td role="cell">Central Library at Central Avenue and McDowell Road dedicated.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">1954</td><td role="cell">Phoenix resident Alfred Knight loans his extensive collection of 3,000 rare books to the library with the understanding that it will become Phoenix Public Library property upon his death.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">October 4, 1964</td><td role="cell">Saguaro Library at 2804 N. 46th St. dedicated.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">April 26, 1966</td><td role="cell">Palo Verde Library at 4402 N. 51st Ave. dedicated.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">​August 23, 1967</td><td role="cell">​Ocotillo Library at 102 W. Southern Ave. dedicated.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">​January 5, 1969</td><td role="cell">​Acacia Library at 750 E. Townley dedicated.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">June 5, 1969</td><td role="cell">Yucca Library at 5648 N. 15th Ave. dedicated.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">​December 16, 1973</td><td role="cell">​Century Library at 1740 E. Highland Ave. dedicated.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">May 7, 1977</td><td role="cell">Cholla Library at 10050 Metro Parkway East dedicated.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">October 21, 1982</td><td role="cell">Mesquite Library at 4525 Paradise Village Parkway dedicated.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">July 14, 1990</td><td role="cell">Expanded Cholla Library opens at same location.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">October 26, 1991</td><td role="cell">Ironwood Library at 4333 E. Chandler Blvd. dedicated.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">May 20, 1995</td><td role="cell">New Central Library at 1221 N. Central Ave. dedicated.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">July 13, 1996</td><td role="cell">Juniper Library at 1825 W. Union Hills Road dedicated.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">​July 19, 1997</td><td role="cell">Desert Sage Library at 7602 W. Encanto Blvd. dedicated.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">February 26, 2005</td><td role="cell">Desert Broom Library at 29710 N. Cave Creek Road dedicated.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">January 28, 2006</td><td role="cell">New Palo Verde Library opens at same location.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">June 7, 2008</td><td role="cell">New Saguaro Library opens at same location.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">​June 5, 2009</td><td role="cell">Agave Library at 23550 N. 36th Ave. dedicated.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">September 12, 2009</td><td role="cell">New Harmon Library at 1325 S. 5th Ave. dedicated.</td></tr><tr role="row"><td role="cell">September 24, 2011</td><td role="cell">South Mountain Community Library at 7050 S. 24th St. dedicated.​</td></tr></tbody></table></div>​<br></div>