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Phoenix Public Library FoundationPhoenix Public Library Foundation<div class="ExternalClass51F08B05909B4600A326FC551FDD0C9E"><h3>​The <a href="">Phoenix Public Library Foundation</a> is on a mission to inspire early learners, enrich lives, and grow the economy.</h3><p>We develop relationships and resources supporting Phoenix Public Library programs that help all children succeed, provide arts and cultural experiences to the community, and promote individual achievement. Established in 1997, the Phoenix Public Library Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and <strong>our tax ID number is 86-0835463</strong>.</p><p>Did you know thousands of 4 and 5-year-olds get ready for school at Phoenix Public Library's Kindergarten Bootcamp? Have you heard adults are earning their high school diplomas and receiving guidance to achieve their career goals at the Library? What if we told you tweens and teens learn computer coding and how to create 3-D printed models after school at our libraries? Phoenix Public Library is more than a place with books on shelves, every day your neighbors and their families are changing their lives at the Library.</p><p>For more than 100 years, Phoenix Public Library has been providing vital services that are responsive, flexible, and innovative. While tax dollars put books on the shelves and keep the lights on, the programs that prepare kids for school, put people to work, help students navigate the path to college, and promote entrepreneurship rely on private dollars.</p><p>Phoenix Public Library Foundation's Focus Areas:</p><ul><li>Offering impactful programs that improve early literacy and reading skills and capabilities for children and families</li><li>Significantly bolstering access to educational programs for those seeking to accomplish high school, college, and career goals</li><li>Providing meaningful learning environments designed for collaborating, meeting, sharing, and creating</li><li>Expanding its capacity to continue as a premier cultural destination and community venue<br></li></ul><h3>You can help make a good library great!<br></h3><p>Donate now or learn more about how your planned gift can support the Library for generations to come by visiting <a href="">Phoenix Public Library Foundation </a>or calling Kelly Bushong, Foundation Executive Director, at 602-262-7939 or 480-570-9023 (cell).<br></p></div>