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​Election: The Informed Voter

Are you ready for Election Day? Do you have lingering questions about candidates or issues? Take a look at our collection of resources and become a truly informed voter.


Need to find your polling place?

Use Maricopa County's Polling Place Locator!  You will need to input your home address. 

¿Necesita buscar su lugar de votación?

Usa el Localizador de Lugar de Votación del condado Maricopa! Usted tendrá que entrar su dirección. 


Voting Resources 

Maricopa County Elections Department
Find out if you are registered to vote, how to update your voter registration, if you are on the early voting list, and more. View Election FAQs.
At the Arizona Secretary of State's website you can find information on the qualifications and process for registering to vote, the proof of citizenship requirement, the early ballot/vote by mail procedure and more.
This site provides voters with comprehensive nonpartisan information about the contests on their ballot in an easy-to-use presentation. It also provides a means for candidates to publish information about themselves and their candidacy directly to voters. The service is made available through partnerships with the League of Women Voters and election officials of various U.S. states and local communities.
Here you can find candidate information such as campaign finances, issues positions, voting records, and public statements. Project Vote Smart is a volunteer organization dedicated to creating awareness among U.S. citizens regarding political candidates and elected officials so that they can make informed decisions at the polls.
This site contains links to resources on topics including voting, the election process, campaign finance, and state elections.
Can I vote?
This nonpartisan web site was created by state election officials to help eligible voters find out how and where to go vote.
These pages explain the election process for federal officials simply for kids in grades 9 through 12.
This site offers a variety of "games" to help kids learn more about "Citizenship and Participation," including voting.  You'll need to create a free account to play.  The site also provides resources for parents and teachers.

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