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Worl​d War I

2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I.  Before its end, more than nine million combatants would be dead and four empires would lay in ruin.  Develop a deeper understanding of the war and the world left in its wake with this Interest Guide.

​​Getting Started

The Great War on the PBS website offers a brief but thorough overview of the First World War.  Features include a timeline and some maps.  ​The BBC​ offers a large selection of videos on topics ​ranging from weapons to the war at home and interviews with veterans.  A video on "the original code talkers of WWI" is featured.

For a more comprehensive approach to the major battlefields, visit World War One Battlefields​.  This site describes the battle that took place at each site, notes the current conditions of the place, and offers tourist information for those who wish to visit.

​For a breakdown by country of the 9 million casualties in the war, visit the History Learning Site​.  

First Hand Accounts

Brigham​ Young University's World War I Document Archive is a rich resource of information about the war, addressing conventions and treaties, the maritime war, medicine and more.  Of particular interest is its collection of images and its collection of diaries and letters as well as personal reminiscences.  The site is an excellent resource for students and enthusiasts.

Additional photos are available from World War One Color Photos​.  The site offers a view of rare original color photos from WWI, taken from a collection of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, with titles and descriptions translated into English. 

In-Depth Information

Journalist Dan Carlin's "Hardcore History"​ podcast offers a new perspective on history and why it matters today.  As a "fan," he often emphasizes the drama of events and the personalities of history that make for an intriguing tale.  The first three episodes of his series on World War I take more than seven hours and cover events up to 1915.  Carlin adds a new episode every few months.

War Machines

Military Factory is an encyclopedic site with descriptions of every major WWI aircraft. Other pages on the site provide comparable information on:
The Aerodome provides a variety of articles - both general and specific - about aviation in the First World War.

Read More About It

The First World War offers a selection of general histories of The Great War as well as in-depth information about battles, weapons and strategy.

WWI in Fiction​ provides a different perspective, including classic novels about the war as well as modern-day mysteries set in that unique time and place.

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