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​Sit, Stay, Read!Photo of dog wearing glasses and sitting by books

Emerging readers can practice reading by reading to a dog! Meet one of these furry friends below or find a program near you.

​Meet ZoePhoto of therapy dog Zoe

Zoe is a 10-year-old Boston Terrier and a registered therapy dog with Pet Partners.  She is a member of the Paws2Read group.  Zoe loves to hike and play ball. She also enjoys treats and will sometimes try to sneak a kiss!  Zoe would love for you to come by and give her a few gentle pets and read to her.

South Mountain Community Library

​Meet StrattonPhoto of therapy dog Stratton

Stratton loves a good story and loves to hear you read out loud! Stratton will be ready and waiting to hear you read Saturday afternoons at Agave Library.

Agave Library

​Meet Jojo

JoJo is a loving miniature schnauzer who will cuddle up with you while you read to her.  She is lightning fast at jumping hurdles and running tunnels on the agility course, loves watching animals on TV, and her favorite plaything is her sister Sally! 

Ironwood Library

​Meet Truffles

Golden retriever Truffles Noel was born October 8th, 2012. She has made visits to many soldiers and people with disabilities and loves to teach them how to play ball HER way. Her favorite games are Frisbee and Hide the Treat. Truffles loves to have her ears scratched and to have children use a kind, quiet voice while they read to her. 

Ironwood Library

​Meet Cassie

Cassie is a 3-year-old labrador mix who started out homeless in New Mexico. Cassie and her 10 puppies were all rescued, fostered and adopted, and Cassie was happy to start her new life with her new Arizona family. As a registered therapy dog, she now visits hospitals, libraries and universities, and works with child therapy teams.

Ironwood Library

​Meet MattiePhoto of therapy dog Mattie

Mattie loves to hear you read out loud. Come read to Mattie!

Burton Barr Central Library

​Meet LukePhoto of therapy dog Luke 

Luke is 11-1/2 years young and worked as a mobility assistance dog for about 7 years.  Since his retirement about 4 years ago, Luke has spent his time sharing love and hugs with everyone he meets.  He's happiest reading with children.

South Mountain Community Library


​Meet Serenity GracePhoto of therapy dog Serenity Grace

Serenity Grace is a 3-year-old Rottweiler. As her name suggests, she is very serene and sweet, and is a great ambassador for the breed. She loves people and playing with other dogs, but seems to be naturally drawn to children. In many ways, she mirrors the Rottweiler in Alexandra Day's "Carl" series of children's books. Come read to her or just pet her!  

South Mountain Community Library

​Meet Raven

Raven is a total "people pooch" and was born to do therapy work!  Her basic philosophy is that she's never met someone she hasn't immediately fallen in love with. Her purpose in life is changing perceptions, one person at a time. Her birthday is in August and she has been doing therapy work since she was 2 years old. 

Ironwood Library


​Meet AmyPhoto of therapy dog Amy

Amy loves to hear you read out loud. Come read to Amy!

Burton Barr Central Library


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