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​Make Art

Children are born artists. Take advantage of these creative years with one of our DIY art projects.

The activities described below require items that you may already have in your home or which can be purchased inexpensively at a grocery store. These activities can be adapted for children of any age. Adult supervision suggested - and fun for you and your child.

​Tissue Paper Collage

Photo of tissue paper collage, 


Small bowl
Paint brushes
Tissue paper – pre-cut into small shapes for younger ones
Scissors – for older students
Heavyweight paper
Pencil - optional


Mix one part glue with approximately ½ part water.  

Use the scissors to cut shapes from the tissue paper to use in creating the desired image.  

Use the paint brush to spread a little glue onto the heavyweight paper then place the tissue paper pieces on top.  Continue this method until the entire paper is covered with tissue and the desired image is achieved.  The tissue paper pieces can and should overlap often.

​Wet Chalk Drawings

Photo of a wet chalk drawing, 


Different colored chalks
Heavyweight paper
Water and containers
Large brushes 


Use the paint brush to dampen the entire paper with water.  Be sure to not wet the surface too much as this will cause the paper to ball up and tear. 

While the paper is wet, draw over it with chalk. This method makes for brighter colors than dry chalk drawings.

​Watercolor and Oil Pastel (or Crayon) Resist Painting

Photo of resist painting, 


Paint brushes
Container for water
Heavyweight paper
Oil pastels OR crayons


The oil pastels and crayons serve as a barrier between the water and paper.  The paint will not soak into the places where the crayon or oil pastels are applied.  

Draw a picture using the crayons or oil pastels.  The harder you press on the paper, the better it works.  

Finish by using the watercolors to fill in the white spaces until the entire sheet is covered.

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