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​Make Slime!

Children are born scientists. Take advantage of the curious years by testing out these DIY science experiments with your child.

All of these activities require items that you may already have at home or which can be purchased inexpensively at a grocery store. All activities can be adapted for children of any age. Adult supervision suggested for all activities.

​Homemade Slime

Learn how three simple ingredients can get you from zero to slime in no time at all. Just add water! Homemade slime is easy.


Sink or Float?

Go on a scavenger hunt through your house and identify 12 tiny items. Hypothesize if these items will sink or float in water.






​Snowy Soap

Take the sink or float concept to another level with the Snowy Soap activity. At the end, you get to play with something you have never seen before! It's good, clean fun.


Baking Soda + Vinegar Art

Bring color to life with a chemical reaction you control. Foam and sizzle with baking soda + vinegar art.





Eruption Art

Discover how exciting it can be to make art and science with 3 everyday ingredients. Get started on your eruption art today.


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