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​Voices: Black History Month

Communities are comprised of a diversity of experiences and perspectives and the many voices that emerge from those experiences and perspectives. We believe that these voices make for a richer, more meaningful experience for all.

Join Phoenix Public Library in enjoying and learning from the many voices of our community through monthly themes meant to educate, entertain and inspire.

This month, we are celebrating voices that capture the rich and diverse history and ongoing contributions of African-American people in our communities.

Attend a program at a library near you.Row of different portraits of African-American people

Read with the kids in honor and in celebration of Black History Month with a selection from The Coretta Scott King Award winners list.

Looking for more recommendations? See below.

We also invite you to visit one of our 17 locations and look for Black History Month displays for more recommended reads.

Recommended Books and Movies


​Celebrate Black Voices Art Contest

Congratulations to Palo Verde Library's 2020 Celebrate Black Voices art contest winners and runners up. View the artwork from Valley elementary, middle, and high school students.

Black History Month on Kanopy

Discover all that Kanopy has to offer for Black History Month. FREE 24/7 with your Phoenix Public Library card

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​Attend a Program

The Spirit of Spirtuals

Saturday, February 22 from 1 to 4 p.m.
Cesar Chavez Library

People the world over express Divine Devotion through humbly coming together and creating blessed sounds, blending their energies and hearts to help bridge that sometimes narrow, sometimes great, divide between us, as temporal beings, and the Infinite. One example of this bridge is African American sacred music: Negro Spirituals, and the Gospel tradition. Many have heard them, but few know their historical or cultural context, much less their African precedents. What better way to learn about it than to hear and sing it? Join educator, musician, storyteller, and dancer Súle Greg Wilson in exploring African and Post African music, the stories behind the songs, their cultural significance, and why they continue to endure.

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