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Staff Picks

Discover a world of book, music, movie recommendations and more with Staff Picks! Arranged by subject and audience, these lists are carefully selected by Phoenix Public Library staff and offer the best in suggested reading, listening and watching. Explore these lists and see what you discover!

Award Winners

Discover the best of the best in books and movies for all ages with our Award Winners.


Take a peek at the suggested books for kids and families with kids, from those just learning to read to those who are reading to learn!


Check out what we've got for young adults in books, music, movies and more with our Staff Picks for Teens.


Explore selected authors, genres, series, and more. Get inspired for your next read with our Books Staff Picks.



Phoenix Public Library has a wide variety of films for your viewing pleasure. Not sure where to begin? We can help! See our recommendations in Movies.



Listen to the sweet sounds of a musical collection that boasts everything from world music, jazz, classical to what's popular. Listen to our picks in Music.

Staff Picks Featurettes

Meet some of our staff (and some special customers) and let them introduce you to items from our collection that they think are the absolute best. Get to know us with Staff Picks Featurettes.Image of hand choosing a book from a variety of books. 




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