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​Soleil's Summer Reading PicksPhoto of customer Soleil

Soleil is a bright, cheerful and creative 6-year-old who just finished kindergarten. Soleil has filled up many notebooks with drawings of stories she thinks up in her head. She loves playing with friends and playing all kinds of games.

She enjoys exploring and catching bugs with her brother or dancing around the house to all kinds of music. She would love to become a scientist some day. She is excited to be playing this summer's reading program!

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​Interested in sharing your child's summer reading picks?

Make sure your family is signed up for the summer reading game and email for a chance to have your child's list featured on the Phoenix Public Library website this summer.

Simply send the following to the email address above:

  • Name and age of your child
  • Photo of your child (photo file as an email attachment)
  • List of 5-10 books that are owned by Phoenix Public Library 
  • Short biography. How old is your child? What is he/she interested in? What is he/she up to this summer? 
  • Completed photo release form in English or en español for featured child (as a photo file or PDF file as an email attachment)

Please direct any questions to Kristl Chavez, Web Content Librarian, at the email address above.

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