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​Classics of the Silent Screen

The founders of the moving picture industry were a group of remarkably gifted inventors, artists, and technicians.  To appreciate their achievement today takes a willful viewer; part art lover, part history buff, he must not only seek out these seemingly strange films but educate himself in how to watch them as well.  The classics listed here reveal the varied and fascinating personalities and photoplays of the years from the earliest films to the advent of the sound screen.  Directors include D. W. Griffith, Cecil B. DeMille, John Ford, Charles Chaplin, Sergei Eisenstein, Fritz Lang, and the young Alfred Hitchcock.

Broken blossoms          
The cabinet of Dr. Caligari          
Orphans of the storm          
Little Lord Fauntleroy          
The kid          
The three musketeers          
Nanook of the North          
Nosferatu a symphony of horror          
The hunchback of Notre Dame          
Our hospitality          
The iron horse          
Die Nibelungen          
Gold rush          
The phantom of the opera          
The black pirate          
Faust eine deutsche Volkssage          
The king of kings          
The general       
The complete Metropolis          
The cat and the canary          
The lodger          
The Iron mask          

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